06 September 2011

Thousand Layers Yam Mooncake (Teochew Spiral Mooncake 芋头酥)

Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, I'm making this Thousand Layers Yam Mooncake or Teochew Spiral Mooncake for an old friend. Please go to Carol's blog to see the method in making yam paste and the flaky yam mooncake.  

Recipe adapted from Carol
Ingredients for yam paste:
1 big (500g) yam, cut into small cubes, steam for 20 mins, mash.
80g sugar
30g butter
20g milk powder

water dough:
200g plain flour
15g sugar
70g Ghee (used olive oil)
105g cold water

oil dough:
160g top flour
80g Ghee (used olive oil)
few drops of yam essence (used voilet food colouring)

1. To prepare water dough: sugar + flour, add water + oil, knead for 5-6 mins to form soft dough.
2. cover dough with wrapping foil and set aside for 40 mins.
3. To prepare oil dough: flour+ oil+ food colouring, knead to form soft dough (don't knead too long), keep in fridge.
4. Cut water and oil doughs into 3 portions respectively, form balls.
5. Wrap oil dough in water dough. Flatten the dough, roll up the dough in swiss-roll style, cover with wet cloth, let the dough rest for 10 mins.
6. Flatten the dough and roll up the dough in swiss-roll style, cover with wet cloth, let the dough rest for 20 mins.
7. Cut the dough into half, flatten the dough with rolling pin, cut side outward, wrap in yam filling.
8. Bake at 170C for 25 mins. 


Gabriel, 3 years 5 months writing his name by himself for the first time, the writing in purple was written by him!


  1. I made this too, have yet to post. Yours look good too.

  2. Sonia, Haha! look like today many bloggers baking this mooncake, I saw 鲸鱼 also posted this too :) Awaiting your beautiful creation!

  3. Very pretty! I love the violet colour :D

  4. Oh, my gosh! How beautiful are these??? LOVE the spirals~

  5. wow, yummy.....me is a big fan of yam;p

  6. hi tze, my mum was asking me about or nee mooncake, do you think this is the same one?

  7. 你的紫色很美呢!


  8. yum yum. alot of work but worth it. loves the thousand layer.

  9. I love this. The yam flavour is my favorite.

  10. I have been seeing many bloggers making it recently. This is so pretty! :)

  11. You manage to get such even spirals! I will try this when I can get my lazy bones to move lol! Love the last photo.

  12. 鲸鱼,浪漫的紫色^0^

    Wendy, thanks! I wish I can use natural ingredient for purple :)

    Anncoo, I love the purple and the yam filling is yummy too \^0^/

    Lizzy, Lovely spiral, right :)

    Yee Er, the yam paste is yummylicious!

  13. Lena, I'm not sure, but or nee mooncake is associate with Teochew Spiral yam mooncake, right? The yam paste is, thumbs up!

    茄子, 你的粉红月饼是超美的!

    Amelia,the flaky layers is crisp and love the soft yam paste too!

    Hankerie, is my favorite too!

    SSB, thanks! You are creative to use banana in mooncake :)

    Jeannie, this is not so much work if compared to the tau sar piah, LOL!

  14. Wow, looks really nice! I'm too lazy to make any mooncakes, I'll just admire yours! Wish I could get to eat them too! :)

  15. 好聪明的小孩,酱小就会写自己的名字了 ^_^

  16. Joyce, then join me at the table :)

    neyeeloh, 不小了,都快三岁半了 ^^

  17. just thinking on to do my own yam paste and saw your recipe...bookmark this to try out soon
    thanks for sharing...
    btw, baked thousand layers skin is it crispy like frying one?

  18. Sherleen, I've not try frying mooncake, not sure whether they taste the same, but I've made spiral curry puffs. I don't think bake and fry pastry taste the same. Anticipate your beautiful creation :)

  19. wow your friend is so so luckiy! the spirals look so lovely!

  20. Baked those years ago with cocoa powder, so I know how crumbly and delicious those are!


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