15 September 2011

Chocolate Purple Sweet Potato Roulade

I could feel the breeze on my face, it was bending branches in the trees. I woke up to my amazed to see the rabbit dressed and had a watch, ran by at full speed, muttering "I'll be late!". There were colourful flowers in the countryside, a sleepy-looking caterpillar laid on a giant toadstool, a cat curled up on the tree's branch.

The Queen of Hearts ate the log with purple swirl without hesitating! What?! ...yes, you are in the Wonderland.

Manage to get a copy of 孟老师's roulade recipes from Kinokuniya, swing into action as I have been long wanting to bake her roulade. For the sponge I'm using the recipe for Chocolate log that used France Style Egg Separation Method 法式分蛋海绵蛋糕。As the filling I'm using her method for Yam Swiss Roll as it doesn't require to whisk the whipped cream, this really save me time on cleaning up :)   

The texture of this roulade is difference from my previous roulades because of the method and almond powder used. The sponge is soft and dense, the taste is better with almond. Oh, dear! time to wake up from my wonderland.  

Recipe adapted from 孟老师 with changes to the filling.
Ingredients for cocoa batter:
25g butter
20g icing sugar
25g egg whites
20g top flour
5g cocoa powder

1. Soften the butter, mix with all ingredients.
2. Pour on baking tray, use a scraper to smoothen the cocoa batter.
3. Use comb scraper to comb out the line pattern on batter. Place in freezer for 30 mins. 

Ingredients for purple sweet potato filling:
250g purple sweet potatoes (peeled, steamed and mashed)
50g icing sugar
30g butter
50g whipping cream
1. Add icing sugar and butter to the mashed purple sweet potatoes while it's hot. Use a spatula to stir well.
2. Gradually add the whipping cream into the purple sweet potatoes and mix until it is smooth. Set aside in fridge for 30 mins.

Ingredients for sponge:
20g butter
60g almond powder
30g icing sugar
120g eggs (about 2)
100g egg whites (about 2.5)
60g fine sugar
50g top flour

1. Melt the butter.
2. Whisk the almond powder, icing sugar with full egg until the batter turned pale.
3. Beat egg whites until frothy, add 1/2 sugar and beat until soft peaks. Put in remaining sugar gradually and beat until stiff.
4. Fold ¼ of egg whites into (2) and then another ¼ egg whites.
5. Pour egg batter into the remaining egg whites and fold (no need to be too thorough).
6. Shift in the flour in two batches, fold well.
7. Pour small amount of the flour batter into (1), mix well and pour the butter batter into the remaining flour batter, fold until well combined.
8. Pour into baking tray and bake at 190C for 12~15 mins.
9. Remove the sponge from tray once the sponge is out from oven. Let it cool completely before apply the filling.
10. Roll up the sponge in swiss-roll style and place in firdge for at least 1 hour before cutting the edge.

I'm submitting this post to Natural Colour Bakes hosted by Hankerie.


  1. 鲸鱼,有条件哟,那你的咖喱鸡包来换。。。哈哈哈!

  2. nice roll and nice colors, the Roulade looks soft, and...and...i wish i can have a bite...^^
    found that recently our blogger friends like to use chocolate and purple colors...the trends of year 2011? hehe...

  3. 看了里面满是内馅,好想尝一口哦。。。赞

  4. Very pretty roll! Purple is my favourite colour :)

  5. Wow, this is truly gorgeous! You executed this beautifully~

  6. Your roll look beautiful and I love her recipe too.

  7. Ah Tze, the rolls look amazing! I lvoe the colour so much. Wish I can have some right now.
    Thanks for sharing & take good care of yourself, dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  8. Looks so fluffy soft and delicious! A beautiful and perfect roulade! Is the cookbook by Carol? I have seen a lot of her recipes from other blogs as well, have seen one of her books in Popular bookstore, but too bad as I can't read Chinese!! She should really have the book in bilingual language! :)

  9. that's a pretty design on the roll! Good rolling too!!

  10. 一直以来都想用芋头做蛋糕的内馅,因为家人和老公都爱吃,但是每次看到的芋头都不美的 +_+

  11. Sherleen, I love the purple hue :) it wouldn't be trend 2011 as the year is going to end...hehehe

    Joelyn, 谢谢赞美,别只尝一口,吃一片吧^^

    Ann, Glad you like the purple!

    Lizzy, thanks for your compliment!

    Sonia, yes, her recipes really beautiful and minimum failure.

    Angie, thanks for coming over! Glad to see you!

    Kristy, thank you! I'm busy everyday and need time to do exercise :)

    Joyce, this is not Carol recipe but another author from Taiwan, she is 孟兆庆 another popular baker.

    Lena, this design looks like we are eating food from Alice in Wonderland, isn't it? :)

    Esther, 这是用紫番薯内馅,是用孟老师着芋头的方法!

  12. Your roulade looks really good - the stripes look beautiful. And the addition of almond makes me very interested - the sponge cake still remains soft? And I love love love love the soft purple color! Makes me wanna buy some sweet potatoes to try immediately!

  13. I like the lovely stripes on your sponge cake skin. So needly done and of cos the sweet potatoea filling sounds yummy!

  14. This perfectly-rolled Swiss roll is indeed very pretty in "purple"! The best part is there is no artificial coloring in this cake. Everything is natural! I love this recipe!


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