15 April 2011

Hokkaido Milky Loaf (Gelatinized Dough Method)

I made bread again just to get rid of the left over gelatinized dough from my previous baking. Please see here for the recipe or hop over to Angie's Recipes or Vivian Pang Kitchen for the recipe or steps.

Rainy day in the evening, not a good timing for me to take photos since I always depend on the natural lighting.


  1. tze, this looks just as great as the cinnamon walnut bread! hugs!

  2. 你很勤劳做面包哩,而且很专业哦:P

  3. I agree with lena,looks so fluffy!

  4. Oh,my! The insides look SO fabulous! Perfect bread~

  5. Lovely loaf bread! You did it again.

  6. 每次面对面包时。。。我。。。我。。。只能看的份吧。。。。。因为总是觉得面包最多步骤要弄。。。

  7. The loaf looks so fluffy... my hand itchy liao... hehehe ^_^

  8. i want to try this soon! im on some bread craze too :D anyways, this look really soft, fluffy and delicious! (: (:

  9. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!

    >>Lena, yours bread looks better, I love to try your tomato's bread :)

    >>鲸鱼, 离专业还有一大段路啦 :)谢谢赞美!

    >>Jeannie, thanks!

    >>Lizzy, thanks dear! Most of the time I love to eat soft bread :D

    >>Vivian, thanks for the lovely recipe!

    >>Jess, this is easy to make once your master the kneading process. Feel with your hand is a good start.

    >>Joelyn, 我。。。我每次看你做菜。。。也觉得好多步骤哟:))))

    >>neyeeloh, hahaha...try it out! Your son will love this bread :)

    >>Jasmine, yes, yes, yes! Try it out, waiting to see your beautiful creation!

  10. I love breads! Any breads! Yours look as tempting.


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