07 April 2011

Cream Cheese Stick with Dried Nuts

When I see this cheesecake recipe in Carol's book, I was very impressed by its presentation, it is so beautiful! However, it didn't cross my mind to bake one due to the substantial quantity of cream cheese needed. Yes, I'm not fat but need to slim down a bit more :) That day saw 茄子 from 袅袅烘培香 baked this wonderful recipe, I really couldn't resist her beautiful creation! So, cream cheese here I come :D

I'm using Carol's recipe with an addition step of mine. This recipe is using hand whisk and I sifted the cheesecake mixture twice before pouring it into the baking mould, the end result is a fine creamy texture that 100% well mixed.

Recipe adapted from Carol's 果乾乳酪條 (I triple the ingredients for my baking mould)

Crust Ingredients:
210g digestive biscuit crumbs
105g unsalted butter, melted

Steps For Crust:
1. In a bowl combine the graham cracker crumbs and melted butter.
2. Press the crumbs evenly over the bottom of the springform pan. Bake at 120C for 10 mins. Set aside to cool.

Filling Ingredients:
3 eggs
500g Cream Cheese (used more just because want to finish the bottle of cream cheese)
90g icing sugar
150g plain yogurt
45g cake flour
1 tsp brandy (omitted)

Topping Ingredients:
Various dried nuts as desire

1. Whisk cream cheese until creamy, add sugar and mix well.
2. Add egg in 4-5 batches, stir well.
3. Add yogurt, mix well.
4. Add flour, mix well.
5. If you are using brandy, please add in here.
6. Sift the mixture twice before pouring into baking mould. Decorate with dried nuts.
7. Bake at 160C for 35 mins. (180C for my oven)
8. Set aside to cool and keep in fridge overnight before cutting.

My boy is waiting for the cheesecake, I need to be fast :D 

Fine and creamy texture! I love the strong flavour of cream cheese, this cake is not sweet. I think the 500g cream cheese has overpowered the taste of sugar :D If you have a sweet tooth please add more sugar!

I'm submitting this post to "Aspiring Bakers #6: Say Cheese! (April 2011)", hosted by Jean from Noms I Must


  1. 呵呵,我想肯定好好吃,我也很爱CHEESE^^

  2. you baked it so nicely and neat (: im sure it taste yummy! (: (:

  3. 芝士味的最爱,谢谢分享那么好的食谱。

  4. the cheesecake looks so classy with the nuts decoration on top. looks really delicious!

  5. At first glance, I thought this is nugget, hehehe. You have nicely done this cake, look wonderful.

  6. The nuts on top are interestingly mixed... :) Nice job!

  7. Wow, look so good! The nuts on top, beautiful presentation. =D Thanks for sharing.

  8. 哦,看到你美美的乳酪条,我又想再做一次。。嘻嘻.

  9. 近来都吹乳酪條蛋糕哦。。。。。很漂亮的一款蛋糕。。几时又做大理石&伯爵乳酪条

  10. Hey Ah Tze, this is nice! I love the presentation, with different kind of nuts on top of it, looks so yummy!

  11. >>鲸鱼,你排第一,请你吃! :)

    >>Jasmine, thanks! This cream cheese is smooth and creamy!

    >>Tracylow, 这个很好吃哟 :)

    >>Jean, really? thank you! Give it a try!

    >>Sonia, after you said it I feel it really looks like nugget too...hahaha!

    >>Hanushi, just mixed whatever I have in the kitchen, thanks!

    >>Jet, this cheesecake standout because of the topping ya! :D

    >>茄子, 哈哈,这月份是Say Cheese!加油!

    >>Joelyn, 这个吗。。。还得等把这款蛋糕吃完,不想这么快发胖啦 :D

    >>Min, it tastes good with the creamy cheese and the crunchy nuts!

  12. Your cream cheese stick looks wonderful. It is great to indulge in something that is so wonderfully rich and delicious once in a while!

  13. beautiful and delicious cheese stick!

  14. Oh, I love cheesecake...and the nut garnish is a delicious addition :)

  15. The first picture is beautiful. Love the idea of adding dried nuts to cheese sticks!

  16. Ah Tze, i oledi booked mark this recipe...maybe will try out soon...nice cake isnt? hehe

  17. so nice! I love the nutty crunch that breaks the monotony of the creamy cheese. But your recipe is so hardcore! a whopping 500g of creamcheese. Woohoo! not very good on the waistline? but heck! 吃完再说!哈哈

  18. Oh my, I am a cream cheese lover and am positive that I would love these cream cheese sticks! Blessings, Catherine

  19. >>kitchen flavours, haha, this is really not good for our waistline!

    >>Jess, want to try it out :p

    >>Angie, it is rich and creamy! Hardcore cream cheese cake!

    >>Lizzy, this cake stand out in presentation because of the decoration...hahaha, by the way, it tastes super rich and creamy!

    >>Ellie, thanks! I love every photos you taken for your dishes!

    >>苏联, yes, try it out! I bet you will like the rich and creamy cheesecake!

    >>travellingfoodies, haha, yes not good for waistline ^_^ therefore, 不可以每天吃!

    >>Catherine, if you are a cream cheese lover, this one is a must to try :)

  20. This cheesecake looks delicious...so creamy. Love the idea of nuts and dry, would love to have it with a cup of tea. Have a great weekend :-)

  21. This is also in my baking list.... ^_^

  22. wonderful looking! i would like to try making this too!

  23. >>Juliana, thanks for your compliment!

    >>neyeeloh & Lena, please try it out and let me know the result! :)

  24. This look so pretty. I am sure it taste good as well.

  25. your desserts always look so beautiful! And this truly looks so decadent and delicious~

  26. >>Edith, this cheesecake is yummy!!

    >>fitforthesoul, thanks for your lovely comment!


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