09 March 2011

Dark Brown Sugar Marble Chiffon Cake 无油黑糖大理石戚风

Two days off from school because of his runny nose, returning to school frighten Gabriel. He cried and peeked through the glass panel from his class, seeing the tiny shadow pressing on the glass panel it was hard for me. His eyes looked worries, searched for mummy. I heard teacher called him: Little yellow worm, come! yes, today he told teacher he is little yellow worm. I queried myself many times whether this is the right decision to send him to pre-school, he actually no need to suffer this kind of separation at this young age. I picked him up at noon, he told me he was scared, he missed me. As a mum, we really need a strong heart to get through this stage.   

This chiffon is using dark brown sugar, an ingredient which I love, the fragrance lingers in the kitchen after baking...

Recipe adapted from Carol
A. Batter Ingredients:
6 egg yolks
110g flour
15g caster sugar
75g milk

B. Meringue Ingredients:
6 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice
60g caster sugar

C. Dark Brown sugar syrup:
3 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp cold water

Preparation for C:
boil with low heat for C ingredients, set aside to cool.

1. Preheat oven to 180 (for my oven)
2. Egg yolk add sugar whisk well.
3. Divide into two times add in sifted flour alternate with milk, mix until well blended.
4. Mix egg white using electric mixer, add in lemon juice and stagger to add in sugar.
5. Divide three times to fold the meringue mixture into the A batter.
6. Pour in the brown sugar syrup, use the rubber scraper to make one or two stirs.
7. Pour the mixture into baking mould, even the surface, knock the baking mould against the work surface to release any bubbles in the mixture.
8. Bake for 50 mins. Turn the baking mould upside down immediately once baked. Let it cool completely before dislodge.

 The dark brown sugar cuts through the soft chiffon cake creates these lovely pattern.

A cake without oil, you like to have some?


  1. This is so pretty! So coincidence, I also made a chiffon cake today :)

  2. 上次我也做这个,可是失败了,哎.....

  3. Cathy, thank you! Your Osmanthus Chiffon is lovely too :)

  4. 鲸鱼,黑糖真不容易处理。你是高手下一个一定成功!

  5. Don't worry, he'll get over it very quickly! I remember the time I sent my boy to pre-school. The first day, he sticks around with me. The 2nd day, he plays with his new friends. The 3rd day, he says "bye-bye!"! But I'm sure that cake will comfort him. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely evening.

  6. 我喜欢黑糖的味道,所以这个ngam我^^
    还有,我的recent posts弄到了,谢谢你~

  7. lovely space you have..happy to follow u..
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty appetite

  8. Oil-less!!! Ok, I am bookmarking this! :)

  9. Just hoped over from Cathy's and now I am seeing this. ohhhhhh chiffon cake here I come.

  10. YES pls! i want the cake! i love recipe like the one you baked! not only does the swirls look nice but the cake look so yummy! (:
    sound like i've son but i watched my nephew grow. he stays with us and i know exactly what you're going through. is not easy to watch him cry and standing by the window waiting plus many many more. but trust me, the "torture" to him is temp but it'll benefit him to be a stronger and independent boy (: give him TLC when he's home ;D JIA YOU!

  11. 我做过一次,虽然成功但是糖部分不大满意。。。因为我没黑糖,用了黄糖。。。但味道很不错,我很喜欢。

  12. What a delightful cake! It looks really good. Love the swirl look!

  13. the swirls are indeed very beautiful! i would love to have some!

  14. You're such a good baker...! I am a real klutz in baking, even though I love decorating cakes ;).

  15. Oh mannnn your recipes look so delicious girlie!! :P And your photos are gorgeous~ I'll definitely be on the lookout :)BTW your son is adoraable!! I love that picture of him on the header

  16. What a lovely cake! And there is no oil added in this cake! Thanks for this post and I've bookmarked this recipe.

    100% agree with you and your situation. As mums, we have to be strong so that our kids will learn from us too. How about reading stories and singing songs about kids that can overcome fear going to school?

    My son is 2 and I have no problem sending to childcare everyday because I told him that he is like Timmy the sheep in Timmy time and Timmy loves going to play with friends in school...so lame but it works! LOL.

  17. Love the flavour and marble patterns! Gorgeous.

  18. Kristy, thanks for comforting me. My son is a shy boy if there are same age kids around, but he is totally fine playing with big boys and girls...

  19. Bernice, 不必客气 ^_^

    Jay, welcome and thanks for following! Your spicy fish cake looks nice for dinner!

    Hanushi, can't wait to see your new creation!

  20. Edith, yes I can eat many pieces of chiffon cake in one go too :) Thanks for adding me as friend in foodbuzz.

    Jasmine, thanks for comforting me.Sigh...yes, "torture" now is good for his future!

    Joelyn, 谢谢喜欢!这个戚风一定要黑糖才可画出美丽的曲痕哟。

  21. Kitchen flavours, glad that you like the chiffon cake :)

    Jess, thank you! I like the swirls too ^_^

    Cooking gallery, haha...I'm not a good baker, still lot of failure...btw, I'm not good in decorating a cake :)

  22. Ellie (fitforthesoul), you are such a lovely girl! From you blog I can see you enjoying everyday of your life. Yes, Gabriel is an adorable boy :)

  23. Zoe, thanks for sharing with me your experience. Will try to look for more songs and books related to going to school. Thanks!

  24. Ellie (Almost Bourdain), thanks for liking the chiffon cake!

  25. 可以了解你的心情,刚开学的时候我的大瓜连续哭了两个星期,那两个星期我都没能好好的睡,压力超大的。

  26. neyeeloh, 是呀小孩的害怕。。。我真的想帮他分担。

  27. Oh! Your chiffon cake looks so pretty with the brown sugar...love the swirl. What a great texture :-)

  28. Juliana, thanks for your compliment!

  29. What a gorgeous cake...and I know it tasted as wonderful as it looked!

  30. Lizzy, yes indeed it tasted lovely as it looked :)


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