01 March 2011

Dark Brown Sugar Butter Toast

My first toast using Carol's Dark Brown Sugar Butter Toast recipe。I used gelatinized dough method 汤种法面团 instead of Lau Mian Fa 老麵法, because according to Carol, 老麵法 will add extra savoury to bread, I'm not sure whether I'm able to accept that extra flavour. Better be safe than sorry. As a whole, I'm happy with the glazing and texture of the bread. However, it will be great if the letter "C" on the bread can be taller.

Recipe adapted from Carol's 黑糖奶油吐司 Dark Brown Sugar Butter Toast , with minor changes

Gelatinized dough
250ml milk
50g bread flour

1. In a bowl, add milk then stir in flour.
2. Bring batter to gas stove, on medium heat cook and stir until the batter thicken.
3. Leave the gas stove once the batter thicken, continue stir until swirling batter.
4. Once cool, the dough can be used directly, if saving in refrigerate has to use within 3 days.

A. Main dough
100g gelatinized dough
250g bread flour
1 egg
3/4 tsp instant dry yeast
1/4 tsp salt
30g fine sugar
40g unsalted butter
110ml milk (warm milk)

B. Filling
3 tbsp Dark brown sugar (I used 5 tbsp)

C. Galzing
1 egg

1. Place all ingredients A into a mixing bowl (except butter), knead the mixture until forming a smooth nonsticky dough. (Liquid part has to reserve 20-30ml, add in slowly)
2. Add in butter. Knead the dough with the standard kneading method, which is in an action of pushing the dough out. Knock the dough on the work surface until the dough is able to form elastic film.
3. Roll the dough into ball, spray water on the surface and cover it with damp cloth. Let it proof for 1 hour (about 2 times bigger)
4. Once proofing complete, use hands to press out air. Roll the dough into ball, cover with damp cloth and let the dough rise for 15 mins.
5. Roll the dough into olive-shape dough, the width of the dough should be the size of your loaf pan.
6. Sprinkle the dark brown sugar on the dough, keep 1.5cm of the side clear of sugar, roll up from the shorter side.
7. Press down the side of the dough to form a cylinder. Seam-side down, place in the grease loaf pan.
8. Spray water on the surface of dough, let it proof in warm place for 50-60 mins.
9. Preheat the oven to 170C (I used 180C) when height of the dough has reached 90% of the loaf pan.
10. Egg wash the dough, bake for 35-38 mins.
11. Immediately turn out the loaf from loaf pan when it is done.

I used 180C instead of 170C for my oven, with baking time around 35 mins.

Love the wonderful sweetness of this dark brown sugar, its fragrance filled my kitchen when the loaf was done.

Initially the dough will be a bit sticky to handle, you need to resist adding too much flour to the dough, and try to slowly add in all the milk in the recipe. Thing will turn around when you finally add the butter. A very soft dough will eventually produce soft bread.


  1. i love the beautiful dark brown sugar swirl in the middle of the loaf!

  2. the bread look so soft and delicious! it still look very lovely this way with the swirl (:

  3. Mmm...love this soft bread. I think I must try to make some bread too.

  4. wah its the bread making fever! your bread looks good Ah Tze really soft and fluffy!

  5. Oh My! What a perfect looking bread, so soft and yummy.

  6. Pretty bread! I almost wanna do this yesterday, but I do not have black sugar (as stated in the recipe)at home. ;)

  7. This is good, I love brown sugar in bread and the 'C' looks lovely :)

  8. 喲....很棒的土司哦,我来吃下午茶了:)

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I'm glad that you like the toast too :)

  10. Wow, your bread looks great, love the gelatinized method...the bread sure look so fluffy and light, great idea of brown sugar :-)

  11. Juliana, welcome! thanks for liking the bread.

  12. fluffy and so soft! i've seen quite a number of chinese bloggers talking abt this book, is she a taiwanese baker?

  13. Dark sugar on bread .. mmm ... it sure has to be very nice! I must try this combo one of these days :)

  14. Lena, yes, Carol is a Taiwanese baker. Her books are really good! She has online blog too, you can refer to my reading list to get her site.

  15. experimental cook, welcome! yes, try this out, the taste is lovely!


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