22 February 2018

Yu Sheng (Lo Hei) 鱼生

Yu Sheng, Yee Sang or Lo Hei, is a very popular dish during Chinese New Year among Malaysian and Singaporean as it is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. I love this dish not only because of its vibrant colour but the pleasure and ecstatic energy that bring people together when we do the prosperity toss.  

Yu Sheng usually consists of raw fish (or sometimes we used smoked salmon) mixed with shredded vegetables such as carrots, radish and cucumber; and a variety of sauces and condiments. Nowadays, many people have developed this Yu Sheng to suit their family taste buds. 

I love my Yu Sheng to have thin and long shredded vegetables. So this dish must use hand shredded tool to produce the beautiful long shredded vegetables. The plate on the photo is a 24 inches round diameter metal plate. The shredded vegetables pile up to about 12 inches high. It is ready to feed around 20 adults. :) I have made this dish many times, this year posted this dish to make my own note.


10 carrots, shredded
3 big radish, shredded
2 big cucumber, shredded
400g smoked salmon, cut into 2 inches slices
1 pomegranate,
1 pomelo, tear into small pieces  
1 orange, cut into small slices
300g ground peanuts with white sesame seeds
1 Yu Sheng's kit with the colour gingers and other condiments.

In a medium glass bottle, add 400 ml plum sauce, add 50 ml abalone sauce and squeeze in one small lime juice. cover the glass bottle with lid, shake well. set aside.

200 ml olive oil 

Place the shredded vegetables, smoked salmon, pomelo and orange in the middle or whatever way you like. Arrange the Yu Sheng's kit colours gingers and other condiments around the shredded vegetables. When is time to toss the shredded vegetables, pour the ground peanuts, white sesame seeds, plum sauce mixture and oil on top of the shredded vegetables. Toss the vegetables as high as you can and hopefully you can fish out the salmon! ^^ 

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