05 July 2017

Milk Bread Curry Buns 柔软咖哩面包 (65C Tangzhong Method)

I have some leftover chicken and potatoes curry filling from making Spiral Curry Puffs, this week I'm into bread baking. In fact, I have made three batches of Milk Bread Curry Buns! Some of the curry buns were given away as a present to my son's piano teacher.

When I was searching for curry buns on the Internet, I saw the lovely curry buns created by Nasi Lemak Lovers, she wrapped her curry buns with Pandan Leaves. I think this is a good way of presenting the curry buns in South East Asia style, the pandan and curry leaves give a lovely fragrance and it does make this curry buns standout a lot. I'm using the bread recipe from my Pork Floss Buns, this recipe produces a soft milky bun texture which I think is best to go with the warm chicken potatoes curry filling. 

If you didn't finish consume the buns within the same day of baking, you may place it in fridge, heat up 20 seconds in a microwave will warm up the curry filling. 

This recipe yield 10 pieces of buns.

Water Roux/Tangzhong:
25 g bread flour
125 ml water

Bread Dough:
200 g bread flour
90 g cake flour (top flour)
6 g instant dry yeast
1/2 tsp salt
30 g sugar
15 g milk powder
1 egg
65 ~100 ml water (the bread dough form has to be soft and moist to touch, if not gradually add more water)
120 g Tangzhong (water roux)
45 g butter, cut in small pieces
some flour for dusting the hands and dough


150 g chicken and potatoes curry filling

Extra (Optional):
some pandan leaves
some curry leaves

Egg wash:
1 tbsp golden syrup + 1 egg, mix together


Prepare water roux: In a small pot, add all water roux ingredients, cook and stir the mixture until thicken, remove and set aside to cool for later use.

Prepare bread dough: In the KitchenAid mixing bowl, add bread flour, cake flour, instant dry yeast, salt, sugar, milk powder, egg, and water roux. Using low speed (speed 1), mix for a min, gradually add water. Switch the speed to 2, mix the ingredients until it comes together to form a rough dough. Add the butter pieces, let the Kitchen Aid knead the dough at speed 4 until the dough form elastic window pane. 

Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl, cover and proof until the dough double its size. Punch down the air in the dough and divide it into the portions you like, in my case 10 portions. Roll the dough into round balls, let it rest for 10 mins. 

Flatten the dough into circle, wrap in a heap teaspoon of curry filling, seal the edge and seam site down on lined baking tray. Wrap the dough loosely with a pandan leaves, place a piece of curry leaves on top of the dough. Let it proof second time, until double its size. Egg wash the bun dough.

Bake in preheat oven at 180C for 5 mins then switch the oven temperature to 150C and bake for 10 mins. Let the buns cool on the wire rack. (Oven temperature and timing may vary depends on the capacity of your oven)

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