06 November 2014

Hakka Style Salted Pork Belly (Taiwanese Cuisine) 客家咸猪肉

In life we always encountered a lot of people who are so critical to judge other by what they see. For instance, appearance, your job, your social status, what you have right now, etc. How long it takes you to discover who are your true friends? When you are down to no social status, who will accept you as who you are? A big topic for us to ponder. Friend no need to have lot of them, just one or two friends who really accept you as who you are is good enough. I'm glad I found the answer early and I missed lot of my friends who are not here with me.

Discovered this awesome Hakka Style Salted Pork Belly recipe in Carol's recipe book. An easy and consider fast to prepare if not counting the days to marinate the meat. ^0^ Succulent meat, simply delicious!!

Side track a bit, I love to take food photos. Because behind the camera lens is the true character of me. As I don't edit my photos I pushed myself to produce the perfect standard that can captured by the lens. And usually, this only can be done when I'm alone at home. It has therapeutic effect too! \^O^/ 

Recipe from Carol 不藏私料理厨房, p36-37
1kg pork belly
4 cloves garlic (used 1 bulb), minced or chopped into fine

1.5 tbsp salt
2 tbsp cooking wine (used 100ml)
1 tbsp freshly ground black peppers
1.5 tbsp brown sugar

1. Wash the pork belly, pat dried. Cut into 1.5cm thickness strip. Set aside.
2. In a container, place the pork belly, chopped garlic, salt, black peppers, brown sugar and cooking wine. Rub all ingredients to the pork belly. Cover the container and place it into fridge for at least 3 days (I marinated the pork belly for 4 days)
3. Take out the marinated pork belly from fridge and let it cool down to room temperature. Heat up a frying pan, pan fry the pork belly WITHOUT oil until both side are golden brown. Slice the pork belly into thin slices.