04 June 2013

Vanilla Milk Chiffon Cake

This is one of my son favourite cake, soft texture of chiffon cake... I call him "old man" as he likes to eat this type of texture :D I actually baked this cake the same day as the Topo Map Butter Cake. My son likes this chiffon and his friend likes the butter cake.
I was trying to make a chocolate swirl pattern in the chiffon but obviously the chocolate batter is not enough to make a pretty swirl. Overall still a lovely cake with nice soft and bouncy texture. Have to beep up on my baking skill. A recipe from Carol.

Recipe from Carol
Ingredients for flour mixture:
5 egg yolks
30g fine sugar
60g olive oil
120g top flour/cake flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
6 tbsp milk

Ingredients for meringue:
5 egg whites
60 fine sugar

1. Add fine sugar and egg yolks in a bowl, whisk until well mix.
2. Add olive oil, sift in flour alternate with milk in two batches. whisk until mixture is smooth.
3. In another mixing bowl, whisk egg whites until bubbles, add in sugar in three batches. Whisk until the meringue is soft peak.
4. Add 1/3 of meringue into egg yolks mixture, mix well. Fold in the rest of the meringue in two batches.
5. Pour the cake batter into baking pan. Knock the baking pan on the worktop a few times to release trap bubbles in the batter.
6. Place the baking pan into oven and bake at 160C for 50 mins.
7. When cake is baked. Take it out from oven immediately and turn it upside down. Cool completely before dislodge the cake from mould.


  1. woohoo...share me a big big slice!!

  2. Long time never make chiffon already...can I have one for supper tonight...:)

  3. Looks so fluffly and light!!! We want asap!

  4. 提醒了我,好久没做戚风蛋糕了。嘻嘻嘻 。。 要做了,担心忘了如何空手脱模,那就惨。

  5. 我也是,好久没有做7封了,不懂还会做吗?嘻嘻。。


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