01 December 2011

Snowflake Almond Cranberry Cookies

December is the month that I've been waiting for so long, finally today is 1st December, start to count down :)

This week Life Group will be at my house, usually it will end around 10pm, and the host has to prepare light supper. Start thinking of the menu for supper, it should be light and easy for me to prepare as I want to enjoy the day and enjoy the present of God. When I saw Anncoo Journey posted this Almond Cranberry Cookies, I like the recipe as I've all ingredients ready in my freezer and it doesn't require a whisk or mixer...less washing for the lazy me :D 

Oh, Christmas is not far, let me surprise everyone with these pretty and yummy Snowflake Almond Cranberry Cookies. I double the ingredients but it is still not enough for me :) I made about 18 nos. After grinding the almond flakes and dried cranberry, there is still small bits of almond and cranberry for you to munch and crunch on... I love this way of eating my crunchy cookies! 

You may hop over to Anncoo Journey to see her beautiful baked and the photos illustrations.

Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journey
I double the ingredients to make 18 nos. big snowflake cookies
70g dried cranberry
70g almond flakes
200g plain flour
70g icing sugar
40g ground almond
100g cold butter, cut into cubes
2 tbsp fresh milk

1. Toast the almond flakes in oven at 160C for 5 mins.
2. Blend the almond flakes and dried cranberry in a grinder separately and mix them together in a bowl.
3. In a bowl sieve in plain flour, icing sugar and add in ground almond. Add in cold butter and rub with finger tips with both hands until the mixture is sandy.
4. Add fresh milk into cranberry mixture, mix well and add it into the flour mixture. Mix well and knead it into dough.
5. Roll out the dough into 1cm thick and cut out shapes using your preferred pastry cookies cutter. Place them on baking tray with parchment paper.
6. Bake at 170C for 15~20 mins or until golden brown.

My new kitchen toy, KitchenAid ...my birthday present!


  1. WOooo... this is awesome! Looks so good and I like the snowflake shaped. I think your cookie cutter is a little big as my small cutter made about total 40 pcs :) Perhaps next time you can roll the dough thinner to make more pieces.... :D:D
    Tze, Happy Birthday to you!! I think this is your best present... from your hubby? So sweet of him :)

    ((BIG HUG))

  2. Ah Tze, the cookies look so nice. The ingredients of the recipe sounds great already yumm! Wow, what a great bday present. Lucky you!

  3. Ann, I think you are right, the cutter I used is as big as half of my palm :) not enough, not enough! is too delicious!

    the present is from my hubby after lot of hinting :P

  4. Happy Birthday, Ah Tze! The cookies look yummy and pretty!

  5. Li Shuan, the cutter is from IKEA :) yes, this is a beautiful recipe. Have a try!

  6. Wen, my birthday was on 27. thanks for your birthday wishes!

  7. 哇,Ah Tze,你手脚很快咧

  8. happy belated birthday~
    the cookies look so yummy and nice, the great present as well ❤

  9. Cathy, how are you? Enjoy shopping at US, right :)

  10. I have seen so many bloggers bake with cranberry, I still have some leftover,need to put into baking soon. Wow, nice Birthday present , looking more bakes from you and I bet you will enjoy KA,^_^

  11. Esther, 是的, 明天的茶点 :)

    Bernice,yes, Gabriel likes the cookies very much!

  12. Sonia, cranberry is indeed popular especially during christmas season. Have a try!

  13. Beautiful cookies and so big! I love both yours and Ann's version of this delicious looking cookies!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Ah Tze! Wow, your hubby is so sweet :) Hope you can do more bakings with the kitchenaid :)

  15. okok...I will learn from u..
    try to hint & hint my hubby ..
    my birthday is coming very soon...
    Tze, happy belated birthday again...

    Merry X'mas ..haha..

  16. love ur cookies, looks so tempting especially the one in the box, yes yes yes...santa claus is coming to town.

    lovely present...KA is truely a good miser.

  17. Your cookies look wonderful! Congratulations on your new toy, may you have lots of happy hours playing with it! There will be more baking this month, then? Enjoy!

  18. 哈哈,恭喜你有新玩具

  19. SUPER sweet of your hubby to give you that great birthday present.

  20. Happy Birthday!
    Your hubby must be addicted to all your bakes and good food, give you a KA, ask you to make more.

  21. beautiful big cookies, just as pretty as ann's ones. wow!! i really envy you getting a KA as a birthday present! More bakes! Yay!!

  22. very pretty cookies...i got all the ingredients too, wanna try this out...
    happy belated birthday, Tze...enjoy using your new kitchen gadget...:)

  23. Congrats on your new toy! Your cookies look amazing...the texture is perfect :)

  24. I too love the shape of snowflake! Those cookies look gorgeous.
    Nice birthday present!

  25. That cookies will have a place at my Christmas table for sure. Want to send some my way? hehe.. You have a great birthday gift don't you. You lucky girl:D I am sure now with you new toy, we will see even more great bakes from you.


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