04 December 2011

New Challenge: Pandan Layer Cake

Last month saw Esther made her beautiful Pandan Layer Cake, I told myself Can I do this? I'm not good at baking a big cake especially this kind of layering to me will be challenging. However, my pandan (screwpine leaves) juice and paste was sitting in the fridge for over two weeks, is time to make use of it. I referred my recipe to Joceline as well as Eileen.

My first attempt turned out not so pretty on the pandan kaya paste. The surface of the pandan kaya paste doesn't look crystal clear (can it be because of the used of gelatin powder instead of the jelly powder, anyone can tell me why?) And my 1st layer of cake sponge is not in line with the 2nd and 3rd layer... but I love the taste of this cake! The sponge is a soft chiffon cake, the combination of pandan kaya paste and chiffon cake make the whole cake texture taste super soft! I'll definately will make this cake again!

As I don't have a 8 inch round mould, I used my 6 inch round springform mould.

Chiffon cake recipe from Eileen
Pandan kaya paste recipe from Esther and Joceline

Ingredients for chiffon cake:

4 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar (omitted)
50g fine sugar

4 egg yolks
30g fine sugar

60g corn oil
60g milk

90g superfine flour (used top flour)

1. mix in sugar and egg in ingredient B, add corn oil, stir well.
2. whisk ingredient A until stiff peak.
3. add 1/3 of the egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture, add in sifted C in 3 batches, alternate with milk.
4. fold in the rest of the egg white into the egg yolk mixture.
5. Pour the batter into 6 inch mould, bake at 180 for 30 mins.

6. Remove the cake from oven and turn upside down immediately to prevent the cake from sinking.
7. when the cake is cool, cut into 3 pieces.

Ingredients for pandan kaya paste:
600g coconut milk
500g pandan juice
1/2 tsp pandan paste (used the homemade pandan paste, I think about 1.5 tbsp)
120g fine sugar

85g Hoen Kwe flour
1 tbsp instant jelly powder (as I don't have jelly powder, used 1tbsp gelatin powder)
1/2 tsp salt
grated coconut (for decoration) 

1. Place sugar, salt, flour and gelatin powder together in a bowl, add in liquid and cook with low heat until it turned thicken and bubbles.

2. Pour in 1/4 of the pandan kaya paste into the mould, place a piece of cake sponge in the middle, add in 2nd layer of pandan kaya paste, place 2nd piece of cake sponge in the middle. Add in 3rd layer of pandan kaya paste, place 3rd piece of cake sponge in the middle, and pour in the last layer of pandan kaya paste. (It has to be done while the paste is still hot or else the cake sponge will not hold together with the paste)

3. Keep the cake in fridge for at least 3 hours before dislodge, decorate with grated coconut. 


  1. 挑战成功了,开心吗?

  2. Ah Tze, u r so great ... I still hv no confident in doing this layer by layer jelly cake ne!!!

  3. last time when it was my grandparents birthday, definitely got this cake...i can eat a lot...
    find some times i want to learn how to do this too...:)

  4. 小鱼,挑战算成功,买相有70%吧 :)我也是第一次做这类型的蛋糕,很好吃呢!

  5. 董夫人,try it out, you should be able to handle it better than me :) you will love the cake texture!

  6. 上个月我才做了一个

  7. Wow! for a first time making this cake, it looks so delicious and pretty! I dare not attempt this yet!

  8. Ah Tze, this layer cake is really popular in Msia and Spore but hardly see any in Australia. If you want to have a even layer, weigh your pandan kaya and divided into layers you want to get and thus you will get a good consistency of thickness. This is what I do for mine.

  9. This looks good! I love pandan kaya cake and have tried making it a few times. Quite time consuming but I must say it is definitely worth every effort spent.

  10. Gorgeous!!! You never have to doubt your cake baking abilities again...this looks perfect :)

  11. 鲸鱼,这蛋糕是很香,口感也很好。

    Jeannie, thanks! I seldom make big cake, this is my first time with layer cake.

    Li Shuan, how to get the cake layers in line with each other is my problem. The first cake sponge was covered by the pandan kaya paste, how am I know the exact location of it when I laid the second layer?

  12. Blessed Homemaker, I agreed! I love the soft cake texture!

    Lizzy, thanks for your encouragment!! ^_^

  13. your cake looks good! for those experienced bakers, they will know roughly how much to pour in for each layer, you can probably divide the fillings to 3 or 4 portions for even layers.as for the not so crystal clear look, i'm not sure about that but i see it looks okay.

  14. hmm.. long time never make this cake, makes me itching to bake this again

  15. A pretty cake. I love pandan flavour.

  16. This reminds me a lot of the Bengawan Solo Pandan cake. You are really pro with this cake! It looks fantastic!

  17. Tze, I think just have to try to sit the layer perfectly in the middle. Thats why I am using a rectangle/square shape because they are much easier to get a even layer.


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