22 February 2011

Mango Souffle: Revisit 再次挑战芒果舒芙蕾

I'm that kind of people who work better under pressure...hahaha. Today is a happy day because of this beautiful souffle in front of me. This is my second attempts on souffle. After took it out from oven, the lift last for 5-8 mins.  I had enough time to take the shots, accompanied my son who woke up suddenly from his nap for a while then came back to see the souffle fell flat :)

The recipe is here.
To bake one 3" souffle, I used only one egg white and about 50 ml mango juice.

Top view

Nice lift!

start going down...

going down...

fell flat.

dip my spoon in it...super soft texture!

ok, since you are drooling, I share this with you :)

What do you think about this bake? ^_^


  1. wow!!! the souffle is divine! really very high once baked out! great job Ah Tze!

  2. Jess, thank you! thank you! hey, you are not working today :))

  3. OMG! i think this is WONDERFUL! is so tall and pretty! mouthwatering too! (:

  4. Jasmine, thank you for liking my bake!

    Ann, I'm so happy to get a perfect from you! thank you!

  5. I think that is the most perfect soufle I've ever seen! So evenly lifted! Awesome!

  6. wow the lift is amazing! looks so light and fluffy, yummy!

  7. Jeannie, thanks! your comment making me blush! Sonia and Ellie souffles really look better than mine :)

    Jean, thanks!

  8. Wow... the souffle was so high... amazing ^_^

  9. neyeeloh, thanks! just follow the steps closely and you will acheive the result :)

  10. Wow, this mango souffle looks so delicious! I see many souffle with chocolate or raspberry, this sounds more unique. :) I love mango and I'm sure I'll love this souffle a lot.


  11. That is a pretty little souffle! I have never attempted to make one, because I have heard they are somewhat scary. I'll have to try soon. I love your pictures1

  12. Merut, welcome! Ellie's and Sonia's recipe has clearly spelled all the steps. Try it! Is not so scary to bake one. Hope to see your creation!


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