27 November 2010

Special Delivery

Received a special delivery from WT... 
The cake is from The Pattisier
First time having this kind of tall cake...
luckily my side-by-side two doors fridge is large enough to keep two cakes...
however, am I going to eat all these cake in few days time...
can't image all breakfast, lunch, and dinner are...cakes.
oh...no, I don't want to get fat

Pretty decoration

The cake is ... really yummy! Thank you WT, I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday!! This cake looks so lovely and delicious! It's so sweet of WT. =)

    hugs and kisses to you, WT and Gabriel. God bless!

    YunJie xx

  2. YunJie: Thank you!! how are you getting on?

  3. WOWWWW... what an amazing looking cake. Don't worry about getting fat, just share it with your friends and family! I'm happy to take a donation slice, haha.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Kim: Hahaha...thanks! please help yourself with the cake.

  5. Happy Birthday! The cake look great! I will be happy too to have this cake for my birthday :D

  6. Zoe: thank you! it tastes great with different flavours in the puffs ^_^


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