17 June 2016

Red Rubies with Coconut Milk

This is another backlog post, made the red rubies dessert while I was still in Qatar. Bought the pack jack-fruit from Family Food Centre. 

Usually you will find this dessert on the menu of Thai restaurant. They called it Tub Tim Grob. The red ruby is actually water chestnut coated with tapioca flour and red food colouring. The crispy ruby and the sweet Jack-fruit match so well with coconut milk! 

Homemade the red rubies is fun, this dessert is lovely for summer! We are now entering the Winter session over here, miss the sunshine in Qatar where all the plants grow and blossom during their Winter session. 

Recipe from Table for 2 ...or More with minor changes
Ingredients A:
6 water chestnuts (I used can water chestnuts)
1/2 tsp red food colouring
1 tsp water
1 cup tapioca starch/flour
few pieces of jack-fruits tear into strips

Ingredients B:
125g sugar
125g water
1 pandan leaf, tie a knot

Ingredients C:
200ml thick coconut milk
750g ice cubes

1. Prepare the syrup: In a small pot, bring ingredients B to boil, when sugar dissolved, switch off the heat, let it cool down, remove the pandan leaf.

2. Prepare the red ruby: chop the water chestnuts into 5mm cubes. In a bowl, mix food colouring with water. Add the water chestnut cubes into the food colouring mixture. Toss the bowl to coat well. 

3. In another bowl, place the tapioca flour, place the dyed water chestnuts into the tapioca flour bowl. Toss and coat well. Prepare a colander, pour all the water chestnuts into the colander, sift and collect the excessive tapioca flour. 

4. Spray some water onto the water chestnuts, you can see the surface of the water chestnuts will turn moist but not wet. Place the water chestnuts back to the bowl where you collected the excessive tapioca flour, coat the tapioca flour for second time. 

5. In a pot, bring water to boil, prepare another big bowl with ice water in it. Pour the water chestnuts into the boiling water, stir gently and let it boil on high heat for 1 min. Remove the water chestnuts from the boiling water using a slotted ladle, and put it into the ice water immediately. Let it sit in the ice water for 10 mins.

6. Prepare the coconut smoothie: Using a blender, blend the ice cubes, syrup and coconut milk together til fine. 

7. Assemble: In a serving glass, place the coconut smoothie, top with red rubies and sliced jack-fruits. Serve cold. 

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