12 June 2016

Ban Jian Kuih (Peanut Pancake)

Ban Jian Kuih (Peanut Pancake) is not only my childhood favourite snack but also my son favourite snack too. It is hard to imaging my boy like this Asian street food so much!! This round I'm trying out another recipe which is without yeast but with baking powder. I didn't use the alkaline water and baking soda. 

The verdict: The Ban Jian Kuih is crispy while it is out from the pan, make sure you know how to store it to prevent condensation which will soften the Ban Jian Kuih. 

Recipe from Jane's Corner with minor changes
200g all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda (omitted)
1/2 tsp salt
50g sugar
160ml water
160ml milk
1 egg
40g melted butter
1 1/8 tsp alkaline water (omitted)

100g coarsely grind toasted peanuts
80g sugar
80g creamed corn 
some melted butter to brush on the pancake

1. In a large bowl, add in all ingredients for batter.
2. Mix well into a smooth batter and set aside in fridge for overnight. 
3. Heat up a non-stick pan (4" pan) with some oil, wipe off access oil with kitchen paper.
4. Pour half ladle batter into the pan and make a swirl of the pan so that the pan is thinly coated with batter.
5. Cook for 1 min on low heat. The centre of the pancake will turn holey. Brush the pancake with some melted butter, sprinkle some peanuts, sugar and creamed corn. Cook until the centre of the pancake is cooked and the edges is lightly brown. 
6. Use a butter knife to remove the pancake from the edges, fold it into half. Serve hot.

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