31 March 2016

Danish Butter Cookies 2016 丹麦牛油饼干

This week I have a few baking to do. This Danish Butter Cookies recipe never fail me, it produces buttery and crunchy texture, my previous baked was sprinkled with coarse white sugar, this time I sprinkled the cookies with raw sugar. Thank you again Ann, for the recipe and cookies cutter. 

Yield 52 pieces.

Recipe from Anncoo Journal

1 egg (60g) lightly beaten 
200g soft butter (Lurpark butter, room temperature)
320g sifted plain flour
130g sifted icing sugar
2 tbsp vanilla extract
some coarse raw sugar for sprinkle


1. Place very soft butter and icing sugar in the mixing bowl, use a spatula to cream the butter together with the sugar. Add in the lightly beaten egg, vanilla extract and flour. Mix it to form a rough dough.
2. Flatten the dough between two sheets of cling wrap with a thickness of 4~5 mm. Cut the dough with your cookies cutter.
3. Place the cookies dough on the baking tray, sprinkle with coarse sugar.
4. Bake in the preheat oven at 200C for 14 mins. or until it turned golden brown (Depends on your oven)
5. Leave the cookies to cool completely before store in airtight container. 

26 March 2016

Heart Patterned Swiss Roll (with Spinach Juice) 爱心可可菠菜蛋糕卷

These few days trying out something new in my Swiss Roll making. I added spinach juice to my Heart Patterned/decorated Swiss Roll. It makes me feel happy to know my family is taking some vegetable juice while munching on a sweet dessert. 

You hardly notice the taste of spinach in the Swiss Roll. For this kind of decorative Swiss Roll making, my advice is be patient while doing the heart patterned drawing, I nearly gave up as there were too many little hearts to draw! But the end result is so charming, my son is happy to see the Heart Patterned/Decorated Swiss Roll! As usual I freeze the Swiss Roll to form its shape before cutting. Let the Swiss Roll sit 20 to 30 mins at room temperature before consume will restore the Swiss Roll to soft and fluffy chiffon texture. 

Happy Easter! 

Recipe: (12" x 12" square baking tray)
Spinach juice:
3 cups of chopped spinach
300ml water

Heart patterned batter:
50g butter, cut into cubes
50g icing sugar
50g egg whites 
50g plain flour
a drop of food colouring 

Chocolate Sponge batter:
4 egg Yolks
30g fine sugar
30g dark cocoa powder
70g cake flour
40ml corn oil
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
75ml spinach juice

4 egg whites
45g fine sugar

Filling :
300ml thickening cream
2 tbsp fine sugar

1. Prepare the spinach juice: Blend the chopped spinach with water, filter the spinach juice to separate the fibre from the vegetable juice. Set aside the vegetable juice for later use. (I used the spinach fibre to cook my pasta)

2. Prepare the heart patterned batter: Cream the butter with icing sugar using electric mixer until creamy. Add egg whites, mix well. Then stir in the flour. Mix until it turned into thick paste, add food colouring. Place the batter into pipping bag, pipe out the heart shape pattern on a lined baking tray. Freeze the pattern together with its tray for at least an hour. 

3. Prepare Chocolate Sponge batter: In a mixing bowl, add 4 egg yolks and sugar. Using a hand whisk, whisk the egg sugar mixture until light. Add vanilla essence, oil and 75ml spinach juice. Mix well. Then add the dark cocoa powder and cake flour. Mix well until there is no flour lump in the mixture. Set aside.

4. Prepare the meringue: Place 4 egg whites in a bowl, using electric mixer medium speed mix until the egg whites starts shown bubbles, add in half of the sugar. Change the electric mixer speed to high, mix until it double its volume. Add in another half of the sugar, mix until stiff peak form. 

5. Scoop out 1/3 of the meringue and place it into the chocolate sponge batter mixture, stir well until it combined. Then FOLD in the remaining meringue to the chocolate sponge batter mixture in TWO batches. FOLD well. 

6. Take out the baking tray with heart patterned from the freezer, pour the chocolate batter on the baking tray. Level the batter and knock the baking tray on the worktop twice to release the air bubbles trap in the batter. Bake in preheat oven at 170C for 14 mins (lower rack).

7. Once the sponge is done. Take it out from the oven, pull the cake sponge out from the baking tray and let it cool down on a wire rack for 2 mins before flipping the cake sponge heart patterned side up. Peel away the parchment paper, and let it cool down. Cover the cake sponge with parchment paper to keep the cake sponge moist. Set aside.

8. Prepare the filling: In a clean bowl, using electric mixer mix the thickening cream with sugar using until stiff peak. 

9. Assemble the Swiss Roll: Flip the cake sponge with heart patterned side down, apply a thick layer of thickening cream on the cake sponge, roll it up Swiss Roll style. Wrap with parchment paper and keep in freezer for a few hours before cutting. Let the cake sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 mins before serving. 

18 March 2016

Tiger Skin Swiss Roll 虎皮蛋糕卷

I wanted to make this Tiger Skin Swiss Roll for long, eventually I fulfilled another target set for myself. I have done some searches through the Internet, Victoria Bakers's Tiger Skin Swiss Roll looks promising, but eventually I changed my mind to stick to egg separation method, the method which I'm more confident of. However, I'm thankful for all the steps stated in her blog. 

Yes, here you are the Tiger Skin Swiss Roll using egg separation method!  Using 12' x 12' square baking tray. 4 eggs. Yummy! Yummy! ^^ One slice of my little tiger roll didn't want to corporate with me while I'm taking the photos, it kept slanting to a side!!! 

Chocolate Swiss Roll:
4 egg Yolks
30g fine sugar
30g dark cocoa powder
70g cake flour
40ml corn oil
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
60ml milk 

4 egg whites
45g fine sugar

Filling :
300ml thickening cream
2 tbsp fine sugar

Tiger pattern:
4 egg yolks
30g fine sugar
5g cornstarch 

1. Prepare the Chocolate Swiss Roll: Beat the 4 egg yolks and sugar in a bowl until creamy and light. Add the vanilla essence, corn oil, mix well. Sift the flour and cocoa powder in the bowl in batches, alternate with adding milk. Mix well. Set aside.

2. Prepare the meringue: In a clean bowl add 4 egg whites, use the electric mixer medium speed to beat until bubbles, add in half of the sugar. Mix with high speed for a min then add in the remaining sugar, beat until stiff peak which the meringue didn't drop while the bowl is turned upside down. 

3. Take 1/4 of the meringue and mix it together with the chocolate cake batter. Mix well. Then FOLD in the remaining meringue to the chocolate cake batter in 3 batches. Pour the batter into the lined baking tray and bake at preheat oven at 170C for 12-15 mins (depends on your own oven, the temperature and timing may varies a bit)

4. When the cake is done, take it out from oven, flip the cake to a wire rack to cool down. Cover with parchment paper to keep the cake moist. 

5. Prepare the Tiger skin pattern: Place the 4 egg yolks, sugar and corn starch in a bowl, use the electric mixer at high speed whisk for 5 mins. Then reduce the speed to 1 or low and whisk for 1 to 2 mins. Spread the batter on to the 12' x 12' lined baking tray, GRILL at preheat oven at 220 for 3-4 mins or until the pattern appeared. When done, take out the cake, let it cool down a bit before flip the cake on the wire rack, remove the parchment paper at the bottom of the cake. 

6. Prepare filling: In a clean mixing bowl, add thickening cream and sugar, whisk with electric mixer until it thickened. Spread some of the filling on the chocolate cake sponge, roll up Swiss roll style. Set the cake aside. Then spread some of the filling to the Tiger skin pattern (with the pattern side down), place the chocolate Swiss roll in the middle of the Tiger skin pattern sponge. Wrap it with seal side down. Use a parchment paper to cover the cake and keep it in the freezer for at least 4 hours before cutting. Bring back to room temperature for 30 mins before serving. 

17 March 2016

Hot Cross Buns (65C Water Roux / Tangzhong Method)

There was a Kookaburra came knocking at my glass window this morning, not once but three times! I thought I heard something bumped on my kitchen window, then I saw the Kookaburra, flew from far and hit on the same window again then another time! 

Easter is coming, baked this soft chocolaty hot cross buns! I tried a recipe using sponge dough and no yeast in the main dough, but it didn't turn out well. Then I tried to bake with water roux method. The bun texture turned out to be soft to my liking, if you like soft bun this recipe is for you.

Yield 13 pieces.

11 March 2016

Giraffe Patterned Swiss Roll 长颈鹿蛋糕卷

It has been a while since the last time I bake a Swiss Roll. This morning making a Swiss Roll with giraffe pattern. My Swiss Roll is not the perfect roll, it cracks a bit on the sponge when I was rolling it up, thank God it doesn't break apart^^

I'm following the instruction and recipe from Masam Manis. Just that, I used milk instead of water and omitted cream of tartar from the recipe. A step is changed to suit my usual way of making chiffon roll, so that the cocoa powder is dissolved evenly in the batter.

10 March 2016

Panda Bread 熊猫面包

This morning I made the panda bread. I watched a few panda bread making videos on the Internet before I set my hands to start the bread making. I find the one able to produce soft bread texture, to Asian's taste on white bread is the video uploaded by Gobby Hong. (Her video is in Cantonese) 

I didn't follow her recipe, as I saw her bread loaf was not able to fill up the loaf tin. I used my own recipe. For this bread making I didn't measure the dough, all dough were divided by estimation. 

05 March 2016

Egg Tarts 蛋搭

Baking egg tarts for a gathering this morning. Now, I'm impressed with the "Westinghouse" oven because the heat distribution is good, there isn't any hot spot or burn on the surface of the egg tarts! 

Making 28 pieces (7 cm mould) this round.   

04 March 2016

Hakka Yam Abacus Seeds 客家算盘子 2016

Life can be easier if without people who think they are more superior than other. Don't you agree with me? Come back to my kitchen and blogging about my homemade food is always a happy "me" time. 

I bought the yam few weeks back, made the chewy and bouncy yam abacus and frozen it until today. As it is Friday, I keep my dish as simple as I can. Yes, tonight the two boys will be happy to see this on their dinner table! 

I'm using the same recipe.