19 February 2016

Sweet Potatoes Angku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake) 2016

Try out the new wooden Angku mould using the old recipe. I only reduce the use of food colouring to 2 drops of red. The skin texture for the red tortoise cake is chewy, soft and mung bean texture is smooth and creamy, I leaves it out at the kitchen counter for 3 days, the skin texture still remain soft. 

Yesterday was a great day, at the teacher-parents session we get to meet up with other parents in my son class for the first time, hope that's break through with friendship and everything.

01 February 2016

Leopard Patches Bread Loaf (Water Roux Method) 豹纹土司

The first time I saw the Leopard Patches/ Print Bread Loaf was on FB, the creator is a French Baker (Patricia Nascimento). I was just moved to Sydney, I didn't get to try baking one at that point of time. Then many bakers follow suit to bake this beautiful bread too.

I think I'm a bit late in baking this bread but late is better than never, right?