29 May 2015

Flaky Swirl Mooncakes 芋头酥

家里那一颗芋头放了很久,本想弄芋头饭的现在却弄了芋头酥, 这是为将来临的集会做测试烘焙。第一次弄芋头酥是在2011年。这次弄的芋头酥比起2011年,小有进步,我想在压平面团时得弄长一些那卷起时就会多几圈吧。包面皮的手法还得加强才好,那酥皮的层次才会均衡分明。

Carol的食谱,馅料有我喜欢的奶香,朋友试吃了以后提议下回加葱油我想那是很不错的建议。这芋头酥得小心轻放,那酥皮如一个不小心被压着就粹散了。在制作油皮面皮过程中,面皮是一直松软很好超做的。而油酥面皮是柔软有黏性的。我家大王说他喜欢这不是很甜的芋头酥月饼, 怎样都好吃下去还是会增胖的啦!

First time making this Flaky Swirl Mooncakes or Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes was in 2011. If I compared this bake to the one 2011, I think I have some improvements in handling the flaky layering. But still, there is rooms to improve on getting more flaky layers by elongate the dough a bit while flattening and get more spiral during roll up the dough. 

The water dough was soft and pliable throughout the making process. The oil dough is soft and sticky. Both pastry dough has to be in same consistency of softness to minimize the leaking of oil dough into water dough while flattening process. 

One friend has suggested to add shallot oil in the yam filling after tasting the mooncake, I think it is a good idea to enhance the taste of yam filling. This pastry has to be handled with care, as it is fragile even to hold it with your finger tips, to place it in a cupcake linear is a good option.    

I'm referring to Carol's recipe book (Carol 不藏私料理厨房 page 154, 155, 156) and Honey Bee Sweets's blog for my Flaky Swirl Mooncakes, thank you Carol for sharing the wonderful recipe with us.

This mooncakes is not advice to keep more than 2 days, the flaky swirl will turn soft on the third day.

water dough:
200g plain flour
15g sugar
70g ghee
105ml cold water

oil dough:
160g pastry flour
80g ghee
a few drops yam paste
a few drops food colouring (paste)

500g yam 
80g fine sugar
30g butter
20g full cream milk powder

1. Prepare the filling: Peel off the skin of yam, cut the yam into small cubes. Steam the yam in steamer for 20 mins. When it is done, mash the yam with a fork. Add the sugar, butter and milk powder, mixed well. Set a side to cool. 

Divide the yam paste into 12 portions. Roll it into balls. (If you place it into fridge overnight, make sure to bring back to room temperature before use)

2. Prepare the water dough: Add all ingredients for water dough together, knead for a while (~5 mins) to form soft and pliable dough. Cover with plastic cling and let it rest in the fridge for ~30 mins. 

3. Prepare the oil dough: Add all ingredients for oil dough together, use the hand to form a rough dough. (Do not over knead the dough). Cover with plastic cling and let it rest in the fridge.

4. Assemble: Divide the water dough and oil dough into six portions respectively. Roll them into round balls. Take a water dough ball, flatten and wrap in oil dough. Flatten the dough ball with your palm and use the rolling pin to flatten the dough into long shape, roll up Swiss roll style. Let the dough rest for 10 mins. 

Flatten the rested dough into long shape again, roll up Swiss roll style. Let the dough rest for ~20 mins. Cut the dough into half. The cut side face upward and flatten the dough with palm. Flip the cut side downward and wrap in the yam paste filling. Bring the edge together and seal. Repeat for the remaining dough. 

5. Place the Mooncakes dough on lined baking tray and bake at 170C for 25~35 mins. or until the flaky swirl appears. 

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