30 August 2013

Egg Muffins

Recently saw Anncoo Journal making her beautiful egg muffins, as I have all the ingredients in hands, this evening I made this egg muffins as the snack for Gabriel after his piano lesson. It is really simple and fast to make.  

Thanks Ann for sharing her beautiful recipe, it really encourage my son to eat the meat, and I love seeing the yummy oozing egg yolk! 

Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal
(make 2)
2 eggs
4 thinly sliced English Leg Ham
a pinch of Himalayan Pink Crystal salt
a pinch of black pepper
some chopped spring onions

1. Grease the muffin tray. (as egg will stick)
2. Fit the ham into each muffin holes. Crack the egg into the muffin hole, sprinkle a pinch of salt, pepper and spring onions. 
3. Place in the pre-heat oven at 200 bake for 12 mins or until the egg is cooked. (depends on how runny you want your egg to be done) 


  1. Like the colour of the egg yolk! Love this!

  2. I love the beautiful creamy yolk oozing out from the egg. Makes a yummy breakfast.

  3. Hi Tze, you're fast! So happy little Gabriel enjoyed this as snack :D

  4. 这个好丰富,我也相中这个。
    我做过一次fritata结果muffin tray 好难洗,所以很怕把蛋打进tray里面。你的会这样吗?

    1. Li Shuan, 弄这个egg muffins 一定要把muffin tray grease with butter/oil. 我是用butter, 还有ham 一定要放好。我照Ann的方式,蛋没有粘上muffin tray,你也试试看应该没问题。

  5. Such orange yolks!! Wow... Those must be great eggs


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