28 August 2013

Banoffee Pie in a Glass

Last weekend, we have our lunch together with friends at Stakehouse Cafe in St. Kilda. One of their dessert that captured my attention is Banoffee Pie. They didn't present it in the classic way of pie format but serve it in a wide cocktail glass! It really surprise me as the taste of the Banoffee Pie is just right, not too sweet. The sweetness of Dulce De Leche layer blends so well with the whipped cream layer. Another surprised is the biscuit base is not using biscuit fine crumble with butter, but using the loose biscuit fine chunk. I just love it!!

I tried to replicate this dessert yesterday, just in time for WT to taste it before his departure. I get the ingredients from the Stakehouse Cafe's menu and the quantities is really depends on the size of your serving glass. As for the Dulce De Leche, I'm using the store bought Nestle Top 'n' Fill caramel, this dessert can be prepared under 30 mins.

Recipe adapted from Stakehouse Cafe, quantities by Ah Tze Kitchen Play
(2 serving)
4 pieces of digestive biscuits, break into small biscuit chunk
1/2 large banana (ripe), sliced  
4 heap tbsp of Nestle Top 'n' Fill caramel (Dulce De Leche)
6 tbsp of double cream (whip)
some grated dark chocolate 

1. Place the small biscuit chunk into a glass/cup. Top with 2 heap tbsp of Top 'n' Fill caramel. 2. Top with 3 tbsp of double cream (whipped), lay the sliced banana on top, and sprinkle with some grated dark chocolate. Ta-da, enjoy the heavenly dessert!  


  1. 最后第三张的照片很美丽。好不错的一道甜品。就请我试试吧!

  2. 这个好像很美味的, 很想吃一口!

  3. What a yummy dessert. Would love to give this a try as I love the idea of serving this in a cocktail glass but I got to make my own dulce de leche first.

  4. Sinfully delicious. Wish we had those DDL ready made.

  5. wow! My husband sure will finish all my dessert... Caramel, cream banana and chocolate....super delicious

  6. This dessert is simply delicious.

  7. 我希望,现在就能来一杯:)


  8. WOooo... I love this dessert. Look so pretty and yummy :)

  9. delicious!! So easy!! So pretty and tasty!

  10. Wow your banoffee pie looks amazing!

  11. Love this! Looks divine yet easy to put together :)


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