25 May 2013

Sweet Congee

My family eating habit has changed a lot since we moved to Australia, we have never eat congee or porridge as breakfast when we were in Singapore but now this sweet congee is on our breakfast table at least three days in a week, especially weekdays. Why? because cooking sweet congee in the slow cooker the night before will allow me to have more time in the morning to make my son lunch box and ...lazy a bit on the bed instead :) yes, over here most of the kids bring their own lunch to school. 

Actually this sweet congee does a good job in warming up our tummy in the cold morning. With Millet (小米), Barley (意米), Black rice (黑米), Red bean (红豆)and rice (米), it does provide a good carbohydrate to fill up the hungry tummy and the sweet fragrant in the morning is so lovely!  

Recipe from Ah Tze's kitchen play (cup measurement, can add or omit the ingredients as you wish)
(Make 3 small bowls)
100g rice
2 tbsp millet
2 tbsp black rice
3 tbsp barley
3 tbsp red bean
2 tbsp sugarcane rock sugar
3~4 dried red dates 
600ml water (depends on how big your slow cooker is)

1. Place all the ingredients except the sugar in the slow cooker, wash and drain the grains. 
2. Place water in the slow cooker (depends on how thick you want the sweet congee to be), the water must not reach the top cover as the congee will overflow when cooked.
3. Place rock sugar in the slow cooker and cover.  Switch on the electricity to high mode. After 2.5 hours or when the grains started to boil, check whether the red bean has soften, if it is done, switch the slow cooker electricity to low mode。

The congee can be keep warm in the slow cooker until the next day. If the congee becomes too thick in the morning (actually my family love thick congee), you can add a bit of hot water to dilute the congee.   


  1. 这是我喜欢的糖水,早餐吃这个真好呀!

  2. That's a good nutritious bfast. So u left the porridge to cook overnight will it consume a lot of electricity huh? The power bill is so expensive nowadays le..
    If that doesn't cost too much I might want to give it a go. A bowl of warm porridge is good for cold winter

    1. Li Shuan, yes need to left the electricity on at low mode to keep the food warm. ahh..the utilities bill here in Melbourne is more economical as compare to Singapore.

  3. This sweet congee looks similar to the 稀饭 that I had when I was in China. They have the same mixtures but without the sugar.

    1. Ann, this type of congee i think is originalfrom North China.

  4. Hi Ah Tze,
    This is a lovely healthy bowl of sweet congee for the family! Yes, you are right, we hardly eat congee in the mornings over here, but then I can see that these must be very comforting in the cold weather over there!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  5. It's a source of good fibre too, isn't it? I've seen millet in the chinese grocery shop before but don't know how to cook them! This cooked with red date & ginger would be nice to provide some "heat" to our body in this cold weather! It's a shame that no one in my family will appreciate this except me.

  6. Hi Tze,
    This is a great breakfast booster!
    I always love warm soup, I bet having this will be so warm and comforting.


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