27 May 2013

Liu Sha Bao 流沙包 (Custard Bun)

I have tried making this Liu Sha Bao since last week and sadly to say I can't get the perfect bun texture for the Liu Sha Bao. I had changed to use the 水仙牌bao flour (there is limited brand available over here) How I wish I can get the Hong Kong Bao Flour here!

The challenge I faced on making the Liu Sha Bao are:
1. The liquid type of filling, which need to be frozen first.
2. Texture of the bun can't turn fluffy as I wish due to the liquid custard in it.
3. Shorter steaming time as not to burst the custard filling.

Anyway, there is still room to improve for the taste of this liquid type custard filling. If you got a good recipe on this Liu Sha Bao, please share with me, I would like to try :)

Recipe for filling and bun is taken from here.


  1. 一看就知道好吃了,

  2. 你的包子已经做得不错, 很美了!

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  4. 上次哥哥在点心店买来请我试试,到现在很怀念这"流沙包"

  5. Tze, I love 流沙包,this is one of the must order dim sum if I go yum Cha. .... Ur custard looks good ...got the 流沙 feeling :)

  6. It look ok for me from your photos, but I bet you will master it one day! keep it up!

  7. Your liu sha bao is perfect, I dun see anything wrong with it, as good as those in dim sum restaurants. :) I googled and found this, dunno whether helpful or not, never tested though, can you read chinese? http://www.xiachufang.com/subject/8092/

    For flour, can you get this brand of cake flour (made in thailand) in Australia? I have used it many times, its very good for making steamed buns.


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