01 November 2012

Marble Chocolate Wheel Bread 大理石车轮面包 (65C Tangzhong Method)

Yesterday I used a famous baker recipe to make this bread but it turned out a disaster, the chocolate filling melted, and the bread was with wheel of hollows...haha, just right for Halloween huh!
Today, I bake this Marble Chocolate Wheel Bread again using my previous Chocolate Marble Bread Toast recipe (original from Japanese baker Matumoto Youiti 松本洋一) This bread didn't disappointed me. This round I remember to measure how much tangzhong I used and also how much liquid added. Hope it will help those who wish to give this recipe a try :)

Just a note for someone new to tangzhong 汤种. The water roux starter is a mixture of flour and water that is combine together, usually one portion of bread flour with five portions of water. It doesn't cook until boiling point but reach 65C when the ripples started to form. 
Below is the photo of my previous baked. Created on 7 Dec 2011.

This is the result if you cut the bread while it is still hot.


Method adapted from Alex Goh, Recipe adapted from 松本洋一(Soleil 面包教室)

Recipe for 65C Tangzhong

50g bread flour
250ml water

1. Add flour to water in a pot, keep stirring it while cook until it reached 65C. or ripples appeared on batter. Set aside to cool.

Recipe adapted from 松本洋一(Soleil 面包教室)
300g bread flour (add 250g in first, another 50g gradually add in during dough mixing)
6g instant dry yeast
30g sugar
4g salt
24g milk powder
120ml milk
75g Tangzhong
30g unsalted butter

Chocolate paste:
6g unsweetened cocoa powder
6g water
6g sugar

1. Add tangzhong and all ingredients except the liquid and butter in a bowl, gradually add 1/2 of the milk and knead well. Divide the rough dough into 3/4 and 1/4 portions, 1/4 portion add in chocolate paste, knead until well-blended (gradually add milk if required). Add 7g butter and knead to form elastic dough.

2. The other 3/4 remaining dough, knead well (gradually add milk as this dough required more water than the chocolate dough). Add 23g butter and knead to form elastic dough.

3. Spray water on doughs and place in separate containers. Cover and let it proof for 60 mins.

4. Punch down the doughs, roll into respective balls, cover and let it rest for 10 mins.

5. Flatten the chocolate dough into a rectangle shape 16x12cm. Flatten the white dough into a rectangle shape 35x14cm. Place the chocolate dough in the centre of white dough fold the dough from both ends to wrap up the chocolate dough.
6. Roll out the dough into 1cm thickness then make 4 folds. Roll it flat into 6mm thickness and 22cm width. Brush the dough with some water and roll it up like swiss roll.
7. Place dough into a non-stick tube pan. Let it proof for 35 mins or until double the size.
8. Cover the mould and bake at 200C for 25mins. 

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