05 November 2012

Nata De Coco Grass Jelly with Rose Syrup and Lime

When there's friends come over, how you prepare a dessert or a drink in a easy and hazard hassle free way? This is the one :) Nata De Coco Grass Jelly with Rose Syrup and Lime, it tastes refreshing with that bit of sharp flavour from calamansi lime and I believes it will be the talking point among friends for a while :) I simply love biting the springy nata de coco and grass jelly while smelling fragrance of roses and at the mid-time having that bit of sourly in my tongue :)

I always store up a pack of two Nata De Coco and Grass Jelly at home because...yes, you are right! Is Gabriel favourites again :)
Note: I'll be away for holidays until 19 Nov 2012. See you soon :)

Recipe from Ah Tze's Kitchen Play

1 medium pack of sweeten grass jelly, cut into small cubes
1 pack of nata de coco (whichever flavour you like)
2 calamansi limes, halved
4-5 tbsp rose syrup (if you wish the drink to be sweeter, add more)
lot of ice cubes
100ml water

1. In a medium bowl, pour in nata de coco and grass jelly cubes, add 4-5 tbsp rose syrup, stir well.
2. In a serving glass, add some ice cubes, scoop the nata de coco and grass jelly into glass, add a bit of water and squeeze a bit of lime juice into glass and serve the lime halves on the side.
3. Taste the drink, you may add a tbsp of rose syrup into drink if you wish to have a stronger rose fragrant.  


  1. 这个啊,拿来招待客人很得体呢:)

  2. nata de coco also my favorite. So ngam, I'm posting my other version of this dessert on Wednesday ...
    It's refreshing

  3. Your grass jelly looks so pretty. Don't mind to have it every day.

  4. I love this dessert :)
    Can i use my noodle to exchange ;)

  5. 我看到都顶不顺了。。。

  6. What a simple yet refreshing drink. Just perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a cool treat you have here. Making me salivate.lol. Wish I can have some too eventhough it's pouring rain over here. hehe....
    have a lovely evening dear.Take care.

  8. A pretty and attractive looking drink. Must be very tasty and refreshing too.

  9. wow i sure would love to have a glass now!! enjoy your holidays!

  10. Looks v exquistive!! :) Well done! :)


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