21 June 2012

Pandan Layer Cake

It is the third week of June and I am still here waiting, waiting for seem unable come by TOP. Everything is unable to decide. That kind of feeling is horrible, I am trap and unable to move forward! Last night, Madasgascar 3 was the first cinema movie for Gabriel.  WT and me had our last movie at the cinema 5 years ago. 

Saw Joceline made the Pandan Layer Cake, I plan to clear my unfinished coconut milk and srewpine leaves in the fridge. This Friday LG will be at my place and pandan layer cake will be a good supper for all. Using the same recipe from my previous baked but tried to bake a taller chiffon cake (thinking of there will be many to feed) using 5 eggs instead of 4 eggs... that was a bad decision. It ended up I have an extra layer of chiffon sponge unable to fit in the mould and the sponge is too big for the pandan jelly to cover the side thoroughly. I used another mould to make a one layer pandan cake for...Gabriel and WT. Hmm... is time to get a 9" round mould :)

If the cake say "I am ulgy but delicious!" do you believe it? Anyway, Gabriel didn't look at the appearance, when I shown him the one layer cake, he ate it and said "delicious!" I asked for a bite to taste the cake, he answered with a big "NO!" ...haha, no sharing.

Recipe is here, original from Angie Ng of My Mum's Cake House.