24 June 2011

Let Go

Hi to all blogger friends, thank you for your care and concern and taking time to leave comments on my blog post, I'm touch. Sorry for not replying your comments because I...don't know what to say. Each time when I see a new comment from a  concern friend who I never met, it makes me tear.

Recently, I spring cleaning my home, packed more than 15 big bags of stuff to salvation army, most of them were maternity clothes and infant stuff, it is happier for me not to see them around. Lot of stuff previously hanging around the house now consider as clutter, even the coffee table in my living room... all go to the bin.

The most difficult time was when Gabriel asked me "why there is no more baby?", I told him I lost it. He said, "I'll ask doctor to find the baby for you." Sincerely I don't have the courage to experience this kind of heart breaking again, it needs God healing power to forgive yourself and learn not to blame the people around you.

It has been a while since my last bake, starting it again seem not so easy for me this round. First, I forgot to grease the baking mold, then I overbaked the chocolate cake, texture is a bit dry. I'm using chocolate cake recipe from Okashi's sweet treats made with love.