27 January 2011

Pineapple Tarts (enclosed version)

This is my final bake for Chinese New Year...enclosed version of pineapple tarts, yes, I need to clear the pineapple paste from my previous baking. I didn't use the previous recipe but try something new, I want the pastry which is not too soft and easy to handle, I don't like something which is too creamy or cheesy...so I chose J3ss Kitch3n Super Melty Pineapple Rolls. 

I bought the QBB pure ghee from NTUC, when I whisked the ghee with sugar, and sifted in the flour I knew that it was going to be an interesting bake! The mixture was so smooth and soft, the dough is very easy to handle, the dough didn't melt even until I rolled the last ball! I would suggest this recipe to whoever like to bake pineapple tarts because it wouldn't dissappoint you and not much skills is required to roll the dough into balls. 

19 January 2011

Germany Butter Cookies 德国酥饼

Gabriel was not happy these few days because mama spent too much time in the kitchen. Today I decided to let him joined me in the kitchen, we made this Germany butter cookies using Min's recipe but I reduced the butter content to make the dough not too sticky. Gabriel loves to play with the dough! I let him sprinkled sugar stars on the cookies, I think the sugar stars made the cookies look prettier.

I was busy juggling both my son and the cookies, tried to make the cookies in seconds. Most cookies are not totally round, there are faults in each of them. But to me these are the best cookies for my family because Gabriel is so happy to eat them! He run in the kitchen, tiptoes to reach the cookies container, grasped the cookies with his little fingers...I told myself, I should let him join me baking CNY cookies in future.

17 January 2011

Almond Cookies

The Fourth cookies ... Melty Almond Cookies...oh, I should say crunchy melty almond cookies. The flaked almonds provides extra texture to this cookies, when I popped the cookies into my mouth, it melted-in-my-mouth; leave behind the almond flakes for me to crunch. The recipe is really easy and not difficult to achieve the desire result, Jess, you are right!

13 January 2011

Pistachio Maple-Syrup Butter Crisps 开心糖浆酥

My third cookies for CNY is ... Pistachio Maple-Syrup Butter Crisps, I name it 开心糖浆酥!I baked this crisps because Gabriel likes butter crisps and the recipe is simple. The butter crisps recipe is taken from The Australian Women's Weekly: Maple-Syrup Butter Cookies.  

12 January 2011

Foodbuzz: No. 5 on 11 Jan, 2011

It was a surprise and great honour for being selected to the Top 9 in Foodbuzz on 11 Jan, 2011. To me, it seems unreal. I want to thanks the Foodbuzz community editors and users for chosing my Cranberry Pineapple Tart Cookies as the best of no. 5 out of 4,055 posts. Thank you!

11 January 2011

Cashew Nut Peanut Cookies

My second cookies for this year CNY... Cashew Nut meet Peanut, they become lover forever. One-year seems a very short period but for me I have walked a far journey in my baking life. A year full of thanks. I'm thankful to God that I've linked up with some bloggers that unselfishly guiding the beginner like me, sincerely pointing out mistakes in my baking. When I saw the end result of this peanut cookies, I was overwhelming with emotion because one year ago, I didn't know 糖粉 is icing sugar. This end result is to share with you all.

09 January 2011

Cranberry Pineapple Tart Cookies

This is my first cookies for this year CNY...Cranberry Pineapple Tart Cookies! I'm pretty satisfy with it pastry texture, it is light and full of butter flavour!