21 May 2010

Lemon Cupcake

心急的结果,overed the optimum temperature, took out from oven too early, sunken in the middle :( However, the taste is still yummy!

15 May 2010

West Coast Park

A fine day in May 2010, a perfect day for pinic. A morning outing with mama and my tricycle to West Coast Park.

Looking into the binoculars...

Playing hide-and-seek with mama in this little wooden house.

I'm BIG sailor...


Shelter under the trees, still sweating. Hardwork playing with sand...

A corner at West Coast Park, children paradise. At the end of the play McDonald Happy Meal awaiting ^_^

06 May 2010

Egg Tart

Gabriel likes to eat egg tart very much. This push me to learn how to make one with lesser sugar for him. I got the recipe from 苏联妈妈 , modified a bit on the sugar and butter.

Ingredients for filling:
350 g milk,
100 g evaporated milk,
5 eggs,
150 g icing sugar.

Ingredients for crust:
300 g flour,
2 tbsp custard powder,
2 tbsp milk powder,
1 tbsp icing sugar,
1 egg +2 eggs white,
227 g butter.

Steps to prepare filling:
1. pour in milk and sugar in pot, heat until boil, set aside.
2. Whisk eggs.
3. Add evaporated milk in the sugar liquid and add eggs, sift the liquid about 3~4 times until smooth.

Steps to prepare crust:
1. Add eggs and sugar whisk for a while. Add milk powder, custard powder and stir until combined.
2. Add butter, and flour. Mix until all incorporate. Make small dough and flatten it into the baking tray using hand. Press the dough into even thin layer.
3. Pour the filling into each crust. Bake at 180 for 20 mins.

End result is yummy smooth egg tarts!  蛋液是水晶晶,滑溜溜,一级棒!