24 June 2017

Chai Kueh (Steamed Vegetable Dumplings) 菜粿

Chai Kueh (Steamed Vegetable Dumplings) is a Dim Sum for South-East Asia Chinese. It is covered with crystal clear soft chewy skin and crunchy vegetables such as shredded carrot, jicama and white radish. The filling is without meat, it is depends on the used of dried shrimps to give its flavour. 

I love to make Chai Kueh for my family, this post is the fifth times I published about Chai Kueh, I tried a few recipes before, if you ask me what will ensure a successful Chai Kueh skin? My answer is hot boiling water. Yes, not just hot but the use of boiling water will ensure a soft chewy skin which will not turn hard after steaming.

This round I adapted recipe from Rasa Malaysia with adjustment on the water and oil quantities. I made 44 pieces which is able to feed two meals for family of three. Store the extra Chai Kueh in freezer, take out and steam only when you need to consume.

Tip: Make the filling a day in advance. I'm the kind of person who love everything well organized. ^^


Ingredients for filling:

two big jicama, shredded (or you can use white radish, be sure to squeeze out its water)
150g dried shrimps, soaked and chopped
4 big carrot, shredded
1 tablespoon sugar (to taste)
2 tsp salt (to taste)
100 ml water
3~4 tablespoons cooking oil
1 bulb of garlic, minced
10 stalks of mushroom, chopped
a hand full of black fungus, washed, soaked and thinly sliced
3 tablespoons of oyster sauce

Ingredients for skin:

450g wheat starch flour
220g tapioca flour
1000 ml hot boiling water 
1 tsp salt
6 tablespoons cooking oil

Banana leaves (for laying on the steamer) 
fried shallot oil

Step for filling:

1. Heat the oil in wok, stir-fry garlic until fragrant.

2. Add in dried shrimps stir-fry until fragrant.
3. Add in sliced mushrooms and black fungus. Stir-fry for 5 mins, add shredded jicama and carrot, stir-fry for a while. Add oyster sauce and 100 ml water. Let it simmer until the vegetable is soft, cooked and the liquid is dry. Add in sugar and salt (to taste). Let it cool for later use.

Step for skin:

1. Place wheat starch flour, tapioca flour, and salt in a Kitchen aid mixing bowl. Gradually pour in hot boiling water. (the water must be boiling hot) Mix with the lowest speed power, when the rough dough form, mix with speed 2. 
2. Add in oil and continue to let the mixer run. You may transfer the dough to worktop and knead by hands to form a smooth dough. Cover with wrapping film, set a side to rest for 30 mins.
3. Flatten the dough to a thin layer (may be 2~3 mm) use the ring cutter (or a small bowl) to cut out the individual dumpling skin. Roll the side of the dough to form a thinner circle.
4. Wrap 1 tablespoon of filling with each dough. Fold into semicircle and seal the opening by pressing the edges together or you may fold it according to your desire shape. 
5. Line steamer with non stick baking paper or a piece of greased banana leaves. Place the chai kueh on top and steam on high heat for 15 mins or until the dumpling skin turns translucent.
6. Remove the chai kueh and brush the surface with some fried shallot oil. Serve hot with sweet Thai chilli.

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