17 June 2014

A Lunch Gathering

I went to a friend's place for a lunch gathering, as the mission was to "Cook Up and Out", everyone brought a dish so to clear a bit of our pantry before we leave for summer. It was an awesome morning, catch up with friends that we hardly see everyday. The food was amazing too! These ladies over here can create whatever they want to eat!! Of course most of the ingredients we brought from our home countries. 

That morning was my first time shooting food with so many people around me...all these while I done my food photos with myself alone at home. I was not able to concentrate, not taking good and right angles and...I couldn't do a good job without the tripod!! The shot on people was badly done! Shaky and not clear! Oh...I wish you can see how the ladies cooked up the storm in the kitchen! Anyway, it was still an awesome morning for me! Sorry, I can't share their faces without their permission and the photos on people was not clear so...lets feast with your eyes! ^_^

A white fungus dessert prepared by Charis. She added in some herbs too.
A very nice dessert I missed so much since I leave Singapore. 


See the amazing Yu Cha Kui 油条 on the table? I think the dough was prepared by Polly and It was kneaded by Joyce and Fried by Charis :) The texture of it was so good to go with Tao Suan! I packed two back for my son and it was the first time he have the chance to eat Yu Cha Kui, he loved it! (Oh...Tao Suan was not on the table when I shot the food!) 

A delicious Fried Bee Hoon prepared by Joyce. She even took the effort to make the green chilli we used to go with Bee Hoon in Singapore! 
Ok, if you think prepared Bee Hoon is simple then you are wrong, because at here it is difficult to get the Bee Hoon we used to eat, the brand of the Bee Hoon is important because Bee Hoon from Thailand and Philippine are not the same! From my experience, our taste are closer to the Thailand products.

A heart warming Lemongrass beverage prepared by Serene and Claire! They boiled a big pot of lemongrass, added some pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) and you can drink it with or without syrup. I love this drink!

This lovely almond cookies was prepared by Serene. She used the pure almond powder which has the distinctive almond fragrance. It has been so long since I taste the food with pure almond powder. I remember the almond drink which I used to had in Penang when I was young has the same fragrance. 

Claire prepared the yummy Loh Bak Gou pancakes, one is with kimchi! I loved the kimchi one!

This beautiful and yummylicious Custard Fruits Tart was prepared by Polly! See how she decorated the tart you will know she is a veteran in baking! The yellow balls is mango!

This Cola Honey Chicken prepared by Lee. A dish keep your fingers licking good! :D

Ah...this Chwee Kueh prepared by me. I had a hard time when need to un-mould the Chwee Kueh while they were still hot, it was too soft! Has to wait until they are completely cool. 

And...there was a Fish cakes dish prepared by Alison! Ahh... it was not on the table when I did the shoot. It was a delicious dish too! 

And...there was grass jelly too! 

I'm so thankful to our friend who was so good to lug this heavy electric knife sharpener to the gathering so all of our bland knives get transform to very sharp knives! Now, when I cut my meat easily in the kitchen, I thank her from the bottom of my heart. 

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