14 February 2014

Caterpillar Sausage Bread 虫虫香肠卷

My last bread making was seven months ago, this time it took me longer than I expected to make my bread again. In the new kitchen... I can't find a proper spot to shoot my photos, the kitchen is facing direct West sun, the sunlight during the late afternoon is really unbearable for me. The oven temperature is lower than what I expected :( and the stove is electric hot plate instead of gas :( yes, we can't control the cooking time with electric hot plate because there is time for the plate to heat up and even you switch off the electric power, the hot plate still hot enough to burn the food! 

The soft bread varieties I can buy here is limited, I meant that kind of Asian soft bread (This make me missed Singapore and Melbourne) My son who used to soft bread doesn't like to eat the sliced bread selling at Carrefour or Geant, I really crack my head when come to packing his lunch. I'm not sure whether I got time to make bread for him as often as I want. 

So much rumbling, let talk about my caterpillar bread.

Today, I let my KitchenAid rolling again! It is such a relax feeling to go back into my routine. Last night when I flipped through the recipes book, I just fall in love with the cute caterpillar bread in the photo. I'm adapting the recipe from the Japanese Baker 松本洋一(我做的面包可以卖)I'm using the sponge dough method. 

Recipe adapted from 松本洋一(我做的面包可以卖) with changes

Ingredients for sponge starter (overnight):
150ml warm milk
240g bread flour
1 tsp instant dry yeast
a pinch of salt

1. Stir all ingredients into a container. Knead until the dough is smooth and no lump. Cover and leave it in a container place in fridge for overnight.

Ingredients for bread (make 9 pieces of 4 inches buns)
200g High protein flour or bread flour
150g overnight sponge dough
4g dry instant yeast
8g sugar
3g salt
10g milk powder
20g cheese powder (omitted)
128ml water (may not use all, it depends on the flour you use)
10g unsalted butter
9 beef sausages (4 inches) 

1. Place the bread flour, dry instant yeast, sugar, salt, milk powder, and 150g overnight sponge dough into the KitchenAid mixing bowl, with low speed (speed 2) mix for 1 min. Gradually pour in the water, keep 50ml water for later. Turn the mixer speed to medium (speed 6) and mix until the dough come together as rough dough, gradually add a bit more water, feel the dough with your fingers, it should be wet but not sticky to fingers. 

2. Add the soft butter, continue to mix until the dough is smooth and form elastic film, the wall of the mixing bowl will be cleaned of any sticky dough. Let the mixer spin for another 2 mins.

3. Roll the dough into a ball and place in grease tray for proofing. Spray the dough with a bit of water, cover and let it proof for 60 mins or until it double in size.

4. Punch down the dough, divided it into 9 portions, roll them into small dough balls, cover and let them rest for 10 mins.

5. Flatten the dough ball with rolling pin, roll it into 9x9cm square.  Cut 5 lines on the dough with 1.5cm apart, remember to leave 1cm at the edge close to you Not cut off. 

6. Place the sausage on the edge close to you, roll it up swiss roll style.

7. Place a piece of baking paper on a tray and arrange the sausage dough on the tray, let it proof for 30 mins or until it double in size.

8. Place the baking tray into preheat oven at 200C and bake for 12~15 mins. (The oven temperature may vary and the timing may be different)

This is my son and his first refreshment stall, my son and his friends prepared the stall banner, I just love how cute it looks! They sell ice lollies, chocolate bars, flavoured milk, corn snacks, juice and bubble gum! yes, they insisted to sell bubble gum and the kids were right, the bubble gum was so popular that it was the first to sold off. Kids know kids well huh :D 

My egg tarts were popular among the adult, a neighbour initially bought only two, after eating she bought another four. Anyway, this is an Asian snack, most people thought it was custard tart.   

We just spend an hour outside our house, it was a fun and good experience for the kids!  


  1. The banner looks beautiful and they looks like have lots of fun too.
    my son love sausage, will try this bread one day.

  2. 那天我打了很失败的面团,伤心死了:(


  3. i love that refreshment stall.... it does seem that we both have the same problem about photo shooting.. my houses faces the north.. never sunlight... but you have a lovely caterpillar there and i thought your pictures look fantastic here!

  4. 您好。新年进步。
    新的环境适应了吗?最近还好吗?祝福远方的你 。。。。。。 安康,快乐。

    这个面包小孩子一定会喜欢。嘻嘻嘻 ~

  5. Nice sausage bread. Hope you have adapted to the new environment. A very Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  6. So soft and golden brown...simply perfect!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Hi Tze, I like your caterpillar sausage bread. Look cute and pretty.
    WOW! The banner looks cute too... your boy and his friends are so creative :)


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