31 July 2017

Char Siu Bread Buns 叉烧面包 (Chinese BBQ Pork Buns) (65C Tangzhong Method)

Char Siu Bread Buns or Chinese BBQ Pork Buns is my son latest favourite breakfast (of course he has many type of favourite breads because his mum love to make breads ^^) I used the leftover Char Siu Bao filling to make this baked buns. 

The bread texture is super soft, I'm using golden syrup and water roux starter in this bread making. I like both steamed and baked Char Siu Buns. How about you? 

This recipe yield: 16 buns

28 July 2017

Char Siu Bao (Steamed BBQ Pork Buns) 叉烧包

Char Siu Bao is the Chinese Steamed BBQ Pork Buns which you can easily find at any Chinese Restaurant especially the one selling Dim Sum or Yum Cha. The size of the Char Siu Bao can be varies, some restaurants make the Char Siu Bao in dedicate bite size, however, some prefer it to be half our palm size. To me, I love Char Siu Baos because of its filling, the sweet, sticky with a faint fragrance of oyster sauce, the taste just make you want to continue eat more of it. 

I can't find Hong Kong flour over here and I'm using Lighthouse self-raising flour for steamed buns. The baos came out a bit yellowish and not totally white in colour like the one selling. To cut short the cooking time, I bought the real deal tender and juicy Char Siu instead of homemade. 

This recipe yield 21 buns. (I have extra filling for another bread making)

27 July 2017

Kopitiam Milk Buns / Plain Milk Buns (Overnight Sponge Dough Method)

Kopitiam Milk Buns is the plain milk buns that always selling at coffee shop when we were young. It doesn't has any distinctive taste, so the usual ways of eating it is by dipping the bun into the coffee, milo, soft boil egg, or go with kaya and butter. This bun was very popular among bloggers two years back. I always not able to keep up with the current popular bakes.

I tried with two recipes this round, one with overnight sponge dough and the other one with straight dough method. Both gave me soft bread on the day of bake, however, the bread was not soft to touch on the second day and I have to heat them up in the microwave for 20 seconds to get the soft bread. I'm not sure could it be the butter used was way too little for the straight dough and was it the overnight sponge dough I used way too dry? 

I referred the recipe from My Little Favourite DIY (overnight Sponge Dough Method). This recipe yield 9 buns.

13 July 2017

Creamy Custard Bread 卡士达面包 (65C Tangzhong Method)

Creamy Custard Bread/Custard Bun some name it as Milk Pudding Bread. It is my favourite, when I happen to drop by a bakery I always look for custard bread or bun. A perfect Creamy Custard Bread to me is having a soft bread texture with creamy pastry cream in it. I know there are many different varieties for the filling but I love the pastry cream filling which is without the use of condensed milk. The filling which is build up purely using egg yolks, milk, sugar and pastry flour.

I bet my son and hubby will be thrilled to see these creamy custard bread later. I'm using water roux (Tangzhong 汤种) starter in the bread dough again, as this will produce a soft bread texture. I would suggest to prepare pastry cream a day in advance of the bread making as the pastry cream needs time to  settle and firm up, this will make wrapping the filling process a breeze. 

I have to bake this custard bread as all the 12 pieces of Pork Floss Buns finished in just two days! The recipe yield: 12 buns


11 July 2017

Pork Floss Buns 肉鬆面包 (65C Tangzhong Method)

Pork Floss Bun is one of my family's favourite. There are two ways of presenting this bun, one method is by slicing open the top of the bun, apply mayonnaise and place the pork floss on top of it. (like what I did here) Second method is place the pork floss inside the bun. I'm now doing the second method.

The biggest challenge of moving house for a baker is not just packing and unpacking the kitchen but facing the new oven. Every single record I made on the oven temperature and timing may become irrelevant. I'm using my previous recipe on pork floss buns with minor changes. This recipe produces very soft bread texture.

I ate two buns straight just after taking the photos ^^

This recipe yield 12 buns.

06 July 2017

Tri-Flavoured Chiffon Cake 三味戚风蛋糕

Chiffon Cake, a light and airy cake which is popular among Asian. There are many different recipes and may be "rules" for baking a successful chiffon cake (which the cake sponge will not collapse or shrink a lot, once the cake is out from the oven). I used to adhere to my pandan chiffon cake recipe which I baked a lot recently for fundraiser.  

In this Tri-flavoured Chiffon Cake recipe, first rule is "you have to know your oven", yes, as simple as the rule yet very difficult for us baker to remember the fundamental baking rule. I placed an oven thermometer in my oven to monitor the actual temperature while baking the chiffon cake. 

In my recipe, I don't use cream-of tartar and baking powder. Beat the egg whites to the exact soft peak is very important. Combine the meringue into egg yolks mixture by using the correct folding technique is crucial for a successful chiffon cake. Yes, even I abide with the above rules I still encounter many times of unsuccessful bakes. We are human after all. ^^ There are many factors contributed to it, for instance, water in the mixing bowl, oily unclean cake pan., etc. 

05 July 2017

Milk Bread Curry Buns 柔软咖哩面包 (65C Tangzhong Method)

I have some leftover chicken and potatoes curry filling from making Spiral Curry Puffs, this week I'm into bread baking. In fact, I have made three batches of Milk Bread Curry Buns! Some of the curry buns were given away as a present to my son's piano teacher.

When I was searching for curry buns on the Internet, I saw the lovely curry buns created by Nasi Lemak Lovers, she wrapped her curry buns with Pandan Leaves. I think this is a good way of presenting the curry buns in South East Asia style, the pandan and curry leaves give a lovely fragrance and it does make this curry buns standout a lot. I'm using the bread recipe from my Pork Floss Buns, this recipe produces a soft milky bun texture which I think is best to go with the warm chicken potatoes curry filling. 

If you didn't finish consume the buns within the same day of baking, you may place it in fridge, heat up 20 seconds in a microwave will warm up the curry filling. 

This recipe yield 10 pieces of buns.