05 February 2015

Kuih Bahulu 鸡蛋糕

After waiting for more than five months, eventually I received all the parcels! The Kuih Bahulu mould is the one I'm waiting all this while. This little flower cake is filled with its unique eggy aroma, it will retain its crispy crust and fluffy sponge for a few days if you keep it in air tight container. 

It was a chore for me to remove the Kuih Bahulu when I started first batch of baking, but when the mould finally heat up to its optimum temperature (may be third batch of baking), it is a bliss to remove the cake from the mould. I wish I could have more than one Kuih Bahulu mould at the time of baking as it can save up lot of baking time.

The crucial steps to ensure a successful Kuih Bahulu are: 1. Heat up the greased Kuih Bahulu mould properly so the cake will not stick on the mould after baking. 2. Whisk the egg mixture to light and pale before adding the sugar, then whisk the mixture to fluffy light again. 3. Gradually fold in the flour and mix well the flour with the egg mixture. The end result is the beautiful crisp and spongy Kuih Bahulu! The ratio for egg and sugar should be 1:1 portion.



Note on 8/2/2015: This Kuih Bahulu has to be consumed within 3 days, as the cake turns very dry on the fourth day.

337g sugar
6 eggs (337g)
225g plain flour + a pinch of salt

1. Preheat the oven at 200C. Greased the Kuih Bahulu mould and place it in the oven to heat up.
2. Fry the flour on a flat base wok over low heat for about 15 mins, until the flour is light.
3. In the mixing bowl, add 6 eggs and whisk on high speed until the egg is light and pale.
4. Gradually add sugar in 6~7 batches, in each adding make sure the egg is whisk to light and fluffy.
5. Fold in the flour in a few batches, the batter will turn thick and creamy. Make sure mix the batter well.
6. Take the mould out from oven and place a spoonful of batter into the mould, fill up the mould. Place the mould back to oven and bake for 10~12 mins. or until the cake turn lightly brown.
7. Use a toothpick to prick out the cake. Greased the mould and place it into oven for 2 mins before fill the mould with batter again. Repeat steps until all batter is used.
8. Cool the Kuih Bahulu on wire rack before keep in airtight container.  

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