29 June 2014

Snow Fungus Dessert with Red Date, Longan and Ginkgo 白果银耳红枣龙眼糖水


I made this snow fungus or white fungus dessert for my family as the daily weather here easily hit 47C , you can serve this dessert warm or cold. We believed that the snow fungus can strengthen the stomach and expels dryness. I also added red dates, dried longan, ginkgos, wolfberries and lily bulbs in this dessert.

The ginkgo used here is the pack-form fresh ginkgo which already seeded. 

(Made 6 serving)
15g white fungus, soak and remove its stems 银耳
2g wolberries 杞子
12 pieces ginkgo 白果
8 slices lily bulb 白合
12 pieces red date 红枣
18 pieces dried longan 龙眼
some cane sugar (to taste) 黄冰糖
1.5 Litre water 水

1. Rinse wolberries, ginkgos, lily bulbs, red dates, dried longan. Soak white fungus to soft and remove its stems. The white fungus will expand, cut into small if necessary.

2. Pour water into stewing pot/ soup pot, add all ingredients. Cover and cook for 20 mins on high heat and turn to medium low for another 40 mins. Serve warm or with ice cubes as desire.