09 April 2014

The Inland Sea-Khor Al Daid

This was the desert trip we had last month.  We went to the Inland Sea or Khor Al Daid, it is a huge inlet surrounded by giant rolling sand dunes. My first time and it will not be the last one, the desert trip impressed me so much with it beautiful natural feature.

It is important to go in convoy, as you don't know what will happen there, the car stuck in the sand is the last thing you want it to happen there. There is no tarmac road leading to Inland Sea, you drive whatever you like off road! It was so fun, we have to deflated all four wheels outside the Beach Resort before we enter into the desert. It took us 1.5 hours to drive from my place to the Beach Resort and another 45 mins from the Resort to reach Inland Sea. It is advisable to go with someone knowing the way, then it will be a smooth and easy drive or else it will be a bumpy and roller coaster trip! 

It is really a surprise for me to see such a clear and beautiful sea in the middle of desert, across the sea you can see Saudi Arabia. The beach is so soft, so soft! We can't get this type of beach any where in Singapore or Malaysia. When your feet steps on the sand, you thought you are stepping on the mud, that is how soft the sand is. 

If you go you have to bring everything with you, food and shelter are the must bring items, no shop selling things there and it is really really hot! And no toilet for lady too :D 

After Inland Sea trip, I tend to love this place a bit more!


  1. Tze, this is a real life oasis in the middle of the desert! The water is so crystal clear & I like the blue blue colour!

  2. Wow...such beautiful scenery. The water is sooooo clear.


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