02 August 2013

Kidney Beans Chiffon Roll 蜜红豆戚风卷

Do you know why in four seasons country people use dish washing machine? It is not because they are lazy, just because the water is too icy cold for the hands!! My rental place water heater chose to break down since last week...yes in the cold winter! We have to boil so many times of hot water whenever we need to take shower! But cooking and washing dishes becomes chaos...the water is super cold for the hands!!...anyway, Thank God! Today the land lord send a plumber and change the whole water heating system for us! 

Today is windy and rainy, not a good day for taking any photos :(  But the Kidney Beans Chiffon Roll is soft, fluffy and light!... please handle with care! Lol! Do you know why the kidney beans is not as much as in the original recipe? ...because this is the second bake, I under baked the first sponge (I think). It created a big well and cracked when I pulled the sponge out from the baking tray. So the only choice I have is to dig out the kidney beans and bake another sponge, so this is real, please Handle with care! Lol!  

I am using 孟老师's recipe for this roulade. 

Recipe from 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷, page 55
egg yolk mixture:
4 egg yolks
20g fine sugar
40g salad oil
40g milk
80g cake flour

4 egg whites
80g fine sugar
100g can kidney beans (used ~50g)

80g unsalted butter (omitted)
20g sugar
50g whipping cream (used 150g)

1. In a mixing bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar. gradually add salad oil and milk into the egg yolk mixture. Hand whisk the mixture until well combined.
2. Add the sift cake flour into the egg yolk mixture, whisk until a smooth mixture.
3. In another bowl, add egg whites, beat until foamy. Add sugar in few batches. Beat until stiff peak foam. When upside down the mixing bowl, the meringue will stay in the bowl.
4. Add 1/3 of the meringue into egg yolk flour mixture. Mixed until well combined. Fold in remaining meringue in two batches. Fold in kidney beans. 
5. Pour the mixture into lined baking tray, level the mixture. Bake at 190C for 5 mins then turn the heat to 160C for 7 mins.
6. Remove sponge from baking tray once the cake is done. Let it cool on rack, then remove the parchment paper.
7. For the filling, whisk the whipping cream with sugar until fluffy. Spread the whipping cream on the sponge, roll it up Swiss roll style. Place it in the fridge overnight before cutting.

I am submitting this to the Little Thumbs Up "Egg" event organized by Bake for Happy Kidsmy little favourite DIY and hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out


  1. Lovely roll. I don't have the courage to make Swiss roll because I can't roll nicely.

  2. ohh...can tell from ur pic this roll is super soft.
    Tze, it's really troublesome to boil water every time to have hot shower...I home the ur hot water system can be replaced soon.

  3. Tze, 你的蛋糕卷得很好, 这蛋糕看来是很软好吃的!
    冬天里,如果没有熱水冲凉, 真的是会变冰呢! 呵呵。。

  4. 最近"卷"蛋糕又开始夯了哦!!

  5. I understand how it was doing the dish washing in freezing cold water.....and much worse to boil water to shower! And you must be relieved it has been fixed now. I cant imagine going thru winter time without hot water!! Back to your swiss roll, isnt that lovely with kidney beans in it too.

  6. Lovely swiss roll, i want to try bake a swiss roll but i failed. today i just cut into pieces and let my kids eat. the surface was turn to brown colour, may b i over bake.

  7. This is the bad thing to happen in winter but good to hear that now you have a new hot water system! Like the idea of using the kidney beans in the swiss roll. I remember that my 1st swiss roll was also using 孟老师's recipe.

  8. oh, now I only realized that why four seasons country need a dish washer, hehehe..maybe you can wear glove when washing dishes..can I exchange my cempedak swiss roll with you? looks good!

  9. This looks really light and beautiful.

  10. Tze~~
    被那雪白的蛋糕体吸引了~~ ^^

  11. Beautiful roll.. We havent made one of these.. always nervous well break it.. =)

  12. Hi Tze, I wouldn't have been able to tell you had any disaster with your chiffon roll. Looks totally professional and like you've been doing it for years. Thanks for linking this to LTU! :)

  13. Hi Tze, I remember when I was in China during the winter, I've to bring the mobile heater into the bathroom even there was a heater... :D
    Love your chiffon roll, looks soft and pretty.

  14. Nice swiss roll..can I have a piece? Can imagaine the coldness as I just got back from Sydney. Tks god your heater is back.

  15. absolutely droolin’ right here


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