31 August 2013

Avocado with Poached Egg

With birds chirping I opened my eyes, the bright sunlight come in from the window. I decided not to wake Gabriel up and let him rest. He looks so sweet, soundly sleeping. Ok, I will make a good breakfast to begin the day! 

Today is the last day for Little Thumbs Up theme "egg", I decided to make this Avocado with Poached Egg... which is my favourite. As you know avocado contains carotenoids which is a key factor in the anti-inflammatory properties of this vegetable. The fat of avocado provides significant health benefits to us. You may read more about it here

This breakfast is simple, fast to prepare, yet yummy and nutritious. Gabriel thumbs up for this poached egg! 

Recipe from Tze' Kitchen Play
(make 2)
2 eggs
2 pieces of bread (I used raisin toast) 
1 big avocado, cut and mash
a pinch of black pepper
a dash of Himalayan pink crystal salt 
some butter to apply on bread
2 tbsp of vinegar 
1/2 tsp of table salt

1. Toast the bread for 1 min. Apply butter on the bread.
2. Cut the avocado, remove the stone. Mash the avocado.
3. Boil some water using a small soup pot. When water boiling, add 2 tbsp of vinegar, add table salt. Turn the heat down to middle-low.
4. Stir the water to create ripple, crack the egg on a soup scoop, slowly slide the egg into the ripple. You will see the egg spinning, the egg white will wrapping the egg yolk by itself. 
5. Cook for 3 min or until the egg white is cooked, and lift the egg out from pan using slotted spoon. 

1. Apply butter on toast bread, add the poached egg on top, place mashed avocado on the side, a dash of pink salt, a pinch of black pepper! Ta-da, a perfect breakfast for today! 

Perfect Poached egg!

I am submitting this to the Little Thumbs Up "Egg" event organized by Bake for Happy Kidsmy little favourite DIY and hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out.

Hello, Dad! Can you see me? 
(Gabriel, 5 years and 5 months, learning rollerblading right now)


  1. A poached egg for breakfast, yummy!

  2. This is a very nutritious breakfast and yummy too.

  3. Oh I love avocados with eggs! Your son is so handsome!

  4. 我其实很喜欢牛油果的,呵呵:)

  5. I love poached egg and this is another healthy breakfast that I'd love to make.

  6. Awww cute son! :) And you cooked your poached eggs so beautifully. Thanks for linking this to LTU!

  7. Hi Tze,

    Every time I see Gabriel, I think about my boy.... Gabriel looks like a obedient and well behaved boy but mine jumps and jumps like crazy!!! *sign* You must be feeding Gabriel the right food... I know what did I do to get a jumping boy??? Too much sugar???

    With brighter Spring days, my boy is jumping even more now... LOL!


  8. nice post thanks for sharig such a nice post...........

  9. What a great breakfast!! Looks delicious!

  10. totally love this! i amde something similar for breakfast last week too, eggs and mashed avocado too..btw, i have received the pudding pan, thx so much tze!


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