06 March 2013

Hokkian Style Deep Fried Nian Gao

I bought a medium size Nian Gao for AUD 5 from Glen Waverley before CNY and leave it on the shelves until white fungus crawled all over it. Then I bought another one from Box Hill and this time I leave it in the fridge to prevent same thing happen to the Nian Gao.

I cut the Nian Gao into small sliced and keep half to prepare with another recipe. For this post, I'm using my previous recipe which is from my mother. The crispy fried Nian Gao, and the sticky gooey filling with the taste of sweet potato, always make me think of home.

Recipe from Ah Tze's kitchen play
1 medium size Nian Gao, sliced into thin slices.  
50g plain flour
a pinch of salt
100 ml water, or lesser
sweet potatoes, sliced into thin slices.
oil for deep frying

1. Heat oil in wok.
2. Mix the flour and salt, add water and stir into a smooth sticky batter. (gradually add water)
3. Sandwich nian gao into two pieces of sweet potato, dip into the batter and fry over the medium heat until golden brown. (Remember not in high heat to prevent the nian gao from burning and the sweet potato undercook) 
4. Test the softness of sweet potato with a chopstick, it should be able to prick through the sweet potato easily. Drain on kitchen paper before serving.


  1. Hi, delicious and addictive snacks. Hard to stop eating. :)

    Have a nice day.

  2. nice photo and your kuih look yummy, 1 pc please

  3. Pls let me have a slice to "补pocket 洞" 。。。I haven't have nian gao for a long long time

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  5. oh my gosh this looks JUST AMAZING. I love the swee tsticky naian gao, can just imagine it being fried and then getting that wodnerful crispy golden outsides too. I think I WON'T be doing this recipe though, haha, else I probably wouldn't be able to stop eating. need to stop all this cny indulgences!

  6. i have so so long did not eat this way of fried nian gao, because my kids do not apprecaite yam..now i can just crave yours one.


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