26 March 2013

Gabriel, Gabriel you are 5!

little shoes...

Gabriel was 5 last week, this year I break the tradition on baking cake for him. We bought two sponge cakes for him, one for celebrating at school, one for a garden party at home. However, as I'm not familiar with the places, we didn't get a good and pretty cake for him, the normal sponge cake from Michel's Patisserie actually disappointed me, the chocolate cake sponge is not nice :( and because of the cake shop didn't provide a cake knife and candles, we have to buy the candles and search for the cake knife and finally landed on a knife which cost us AUD 24.90! Anyway, this year is a good year for Gabriel, as...he didn't fall sick during his birthday. Happy Birthday Gabriel!

one week young.

One year old

two years old

three years old

four years old

five years old, so excited to cut the cake with long silver cake knife!

party bags for Gabriel's classmates

silver cake knife

five years old


  1. The knife must have cost as much as the cake! The Michel's Patisserie's cakes are not very nice. Melbourne has many nice patisserie shop, I'm sure that next year, if you aren't baking for him, you may want to consider Bread Top. Their cakes are much better than Michel's Patisserie. Happy birthday to your Gabriel. He looked so cute in the 1st photo, a week old!

    1. Jessie, the chocolate sponge cake texture is very loose, not the one I'm expecting! beside that they didn't provide the proper cake board for the big cake. Can you imaging the cake board is smaller than the cake, yes, the cream stick to the four side of the cake box :(


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