12 March 2012

Oolong Tea Rye Cottage Loaf (65C tangzhong method)

Have you ever try to eat bread with Chinese tea? Can you image how the taste like? Cottage loaf that usually goes with balsamic vinegar carry that special taste of Chinese Oolong tea. This is another beautiful recipe from the Japanese baker 松本洋一. The original recipe is without rye flour, as I love my bread to have a crisp crust, I added rye flour. Another thing is I don't have natural yeast, I substituted it with lower quantity of instant dry yeast.

The lazy me didn't finely chopped the Oolong tea leaves and you can see bit and pieces of tea leaves all over the bread texture, anyway the tea leaves wouldn't stack between your teeth when you chew the bread, I ate the bread without realize there is tea leaves. What can I say about the aroma of this bread...is simply lovely!

I find my kitchenAid really do a good job in mixing the bread dough. Of course, my hands still place an important part in "feeling" the dough.

Use a sharp knife and slash an X on the loaf.

ToTT, a kitchen wonderland, you can get a lot of baking and cooking stuff there including professional tableware. I was so happy to see they sell the proofing basket with different sizes and colour, if you don't like the plastic one, get a traditional ratten one :)

It was so easy to dislodge the bread dough from the basket, simply place a piece of baking paper over the basket and flip the basket, the dough just fall out "unhurt" ^_^

                           Address for ToTT: 896 Dunearn Road 01-01A, Singapore 589472

Recipe for 65C tangzhong please refer to here.

Recipe adapted from 松本洋一 with changes
250g bread flour
100g rye flour
15g natural yeast (I substitute with 5g of instant dry yeast)
5g sugar
4g salt
100g tangzhong
140g Oolong tea brewed (I used 80g as 100g tangzhong is added)
5g Oolong tea leaves, finely chopped
some bread flour to spread on the mould

1. Place bread flour, sugar, salt and Oolong tea leaves in mixing bowl. Make a whole in the middle and add yeast, tangzhong. Mix the mixture with electric mixer and gradually add the Oolong tea.
2. When the mixture come together as rough dough, increase the mixer speed to medium, mix until the dough is smooth and form elastic film.
3. Place in a grease bowl, spray with water and cover the dough. Let it proof until double in size. 
4. Punch down the dough to release air. Roll into round shape and cover with wet clean kitchen towel, let it rest for 30 mins.
5. Spread bread flour on the bread mould. Place the dough in it. Let it proof for another 60 mins. 
6. Transfer the dough to the baking tray, slash the dough with an X and spread water on the dough.
7. Preheat oven to 200C, bake for 25 mins or until loaf turn golden brown.  


  1. I'm first to be here! Can I have some for my morning breakfast?
    This loaf sounds so good with oolong tea. I think I'll try adding earl grey tea when I want to make this as I don't have oolong tea at home.

    1. Today you are really early Ann! I want your almond coffee tea for breakfast too :)
      indeed oolong tea makes the taste of plain cottage loaf standout a lot! great idea using earl grey tea, should try it in my future bake!

  2. Ah Tze 的面包越做越棒,羡慕得很。我很久没有做面包了,倒是做蒸的面包比较多,比较省时,呵呵。。

    1. I can't decorate cake as pretty as yours le, envy your cake deco skill too :)

  3. 这面包做得好有水准喔!我可以也要一片做早晨吗?

  4. It's morning break time, can I have a slice for my bfast? Nice looking bread .. n adding oolong tea into it makes it taste special. Like it

    1. Indeed the bread taste good with the aroma of oolong tea :)

  5. i cant remember the taste of oolong tea but i ike your creation in putting these tea flavour in breads, u used a bread basket to proof this? it's beautiful!

    1. Yes lena! i bought the bread basket at Tott a high end shop in singapore. will post it for u to see later :)

  6. Wow, looks perfectly baked! Beautiful loaf! Great job!

  7. Thank you. I am always looking for great shots of food, with recipes and very good instructions

  8. Hi Ah Tze, so you are another bread master that I've met! I feel so happy coz my this year's resolution is to make more bread than desserts! This bread looks beautifully baked, yeah, like those that are displayed at the bakery!Yummm, feel like having a big bite on it!

  9. Interesting bread! As usual, your bread is very pretty! ;)

  10. Thanks! Your breads are pretty too!

  11. I love that first photo. So artisan like.

  12. Lovely bread!!! And I love your proofing basket too! :)

  13. This looks lovely! I like that you used real oolong tea leaves in the bread.

  14. Beautifully done!!! Love the proofing basket...and your slashing of the top is done perfectly! It looks delicious~

  15. Wow Ah Tze, your bread looks incredible! Beautiful! Well done, dear. Lucky you got to buy such a lovely basket. Hope you're having a great day.

  16. 加了乌龙茶,可以想像一定很香了 ^_^

  17. Beautiful loaf and must be full of tea aroma!

  18. HI

    Your loaf look absolutely delicious !

    You mentioned that you knead the dough in a Kitchenaid ... which model are you using ?! I'm thinking of buying a Kitchenaid but have read alot of negative reviews on it especially if it's used to knead bread. review said that the KA can not handle kneading of bread dough that well. The motor heats up very quickly and at times smells of burnt is emitted.

    I'm now looking at a Bosch MUM 86 unit and the motor is 1600 watt. What's the voltage for your KA ?

    Thank you and I will definitely be trying your this tea loaf = )


    1. Hi Chloe,

      I can see you are not my regular reader since you are asking me the model for my KA. I had posted about my KA sometime in late Nov.

      I'm using the KA since I've it, didn't encounter the problem you mentioned above. What I can say is the machine is just a machine, the person who handle the machine play a big role in making a success bake.

      When using the KA to knead bread dough, you are using the hook mixer, start with low speed then increase to medium speed. Are you talking about the watt for my KA? Is only 300w, just right for homemaker like me. voltage? of course is between 220-230v.


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