05 September 2018

Mooncake Order 2018

This year is the first year I'm selling the mooncakes. Baked about 70 pieces of Traditional Baked Mooncakes and made 100 pieces of Lychee Liqueur snowskin mooncakes. I learnt a lot from this "test run" provided by my church ladies, the management of timing, the ordering of boxes, the storage and delivery issues. I'm grateful of the confidence they have on my baked goods. 

A note for myself on traditional baked mooncake, the CSR Golden syrup is a better brand than Lyles for me as it is more cost effective, the ratio of the golden syrup and peanut oil are crucial to get the pretty imprint on the mooncakes. 

For the snowskin mooncakes, the liquid contains will has an effect on the snowskin texture, add more liquid if possible, the kneading and resting of dough are important. 

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