13 January 2015

Agedashi Tofu 2015 揚げ出し豆腐


Making Agedashi Tofu for my son again, this dish is easy to prepare, what you need is a block of silken tofu, corn flour and some tapioca flour. Of course if you have some bonito flakes on top of the tofu will be a bonus to this dish. The tofu is having a soft crust with soft inner, it is delicious to serve warm with its dipping sauce. 

1 block of silken tofu, cut into medium cubes
cooking oil for deep frying the tofu
60g of corn flour/potato flour mix with 1 tbsp tapioca flour

Tofu sauce:
1 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp warm water
1 tsp sugar
some bonito flakes
some spring onions, chopped


1. Take out the tofu from its box, cut it into 6~8 big pieces. Place it on a piece of kitchen paper, let the tofu dried for 30 mins. (or you may use more kitchen paper to pat the tofu dried)
2. Heat up a deep saucepan with oil, while waiting for the cooking oil to turn hot, place a piece of tofu on the flour, gently coat the tofu with flour, pat off excessive flour (or the tofu may have floury taste), slowly lower down the tofu to the oil. Deep fried for 2 mins or until the tofu turned slightly brown. 
3. Place the fried tofu on a piece of kitchen paper. 
4. To prepare the tofu sauce, add mirin, light soy sauce, warm water and sugar together, mix well. Place the tofu on the sauce and sprinkle with bonito flakes and spring onions.