16 April 2015

Kuih Dadar / Kuih Ketayap (Sweet Coconut Crepe Roll with Grated Coconut Filling)

So many thing happened during this Easter Holiday, we have experienced our first massive sandstorm ever happened in Qatar which is the one worth record down here. The aftermath sandstorm was bad enough to make many flights delayed, and most of the friends I know have to wash and clean their house for hours! The sad news for the aftermath sandstorm is summer is official here and most of my vegetables in the garden is dying...the only plant that able to survive is the Desert Roses. 

Try out a few new recipes this week, making a few unsuccessful cakes as well. But I am happy to share this successful soft and sweet coconut crepe roll with grated coconut filling in brown sugar with you. Its traditional name is Kuih Dadar (or some call it Kuih Ketayap). I think this is the first snack which I didn't eat when I was young. My parent didn't eat this Kuih Dadar, they have not serve it to us and I come to like this snack because of a lot of food blogger has made it. And one of my friend here made a good Kuih Dadar, I tried and come to like it as well. 

When I search for Kuih Dadar recipe, I found it has some differences, some add glutinous rice flour and oil in the grated coconut filling, I chose not to add glutinous rice flour base on my personal expectation for the taste of the filling. I want to be able to munch on the sweet grated coconut. Just purely the taste of sweet brown sugar and grated coconut is enough to make you like this Asian snack. As for the crepe, I'm making it without using lye water. This recipe produces a nice springy soft and smooth crepe as it has the tapioca flour in it too.  

01 April 2015

You Tiao (Chinese Cruller 油条) (No Alum Version)

油条,一道儿子喜欢的食物这里是没卖的。我对它是又爱又怕,不想让孩子吃化学物的我尝试了好多不同的食谱,加米粉版啦,加泡打粉版,加苏打粉版都一一弄过。。。就是不想用Alum 明矾。出来的成品不是像外头卖的那样轻脆,而是有重量,外带脆内空的。这一个食谱的成品是我还可以接受的 没明矾版食谱。不是轻脆的成品,但好吃,安心。

One of my son favourite snack is Chinese Cruller (You Tiao), I have been trying many recipes to replicate the You Tiao we can get like selling outside, the light crispy texture with the hollows inner. But unfortunately, it can not be achieved without the alum powder. A chemical I'm not using. This recipe I'm going to share produce a heavy texture, hollow inner, and a bit crisp outer when it is still hot. This is a no alum version of You Tiao.

I'm referring my recipe on Helen's video recipe with changes.

Kuih Seri Muka 士丽拇卡蓝花糯米糕

These two weeks has been very tough for many Singaporean. Most of us (Including me a Singapore PR) were sadden by the passing of Singapore's Founding Father the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. This great and visionary leader has contributed greatly on the peace of Southeast Asia and help shape the dynamic economic growth in the region, he has leave behind a legacy for Singaporean. Thank you Mr. Lee for everything you have prepared for us, you are and still will be the giant in my life as you have gave us hope and vision to work hard for our future on a fair ground, now, my son will be proud to call himself a Singaporean... Thank you Mr. Lee! ...Farewell, Rest in Peace. 

Few days ago saw Joceline posted her beautiful Seri Muka and I discovered her recipe is using a portion of tapioca flour which is different from the recipe I used previously. Since I have all ingredients in my pantry I swing into action to make Kuih Seri Muka this morning, clearing some ingredients before I go on my Easter Holiday. 

This is indeed a beautiful recipe as my hubby and son also thumbs up for the springy texture of the top green layer. 

李光耀老先生的过世,好多人都感到愁障伤心。李老先生把他的一生都供献给了新加坡,他对东南亚一带的和平,经济供献大家都有目共睹的。他对家庭,晚妻的爱和照护更是一个让好多人学习的榜样。你是我生命中的巨人,你给了我们一个公平的机会去创建我们的将来,谢谢你! 我的孩子可以骄傲的说他是新加坡人。。。告别了老先生,请安息!