16 March 2015

Ham Chim Peng (Chinese Five Spice Doughnut 咸煎饼)


咸煎饼,小时候很喜欢的小吃,老爸喜欢买的夜宵。我想说。。。不难弄!要点是:Starter Dough 一定要发上八小时,醒面时一定要醒好,油一定要够烧,下锅煎之前一定要压扁面团。明天弄给集会的成品希望也是满意的才好不然一定被大姐头骂死咯。别遭踏了那来得不易的南乳!

Ham Chim Peng or Chinese Five Spice Doughnut is a street food I used to eat during my childhood days. I made this once sometime in Mar 2014 the taste was good as I love to taste the strong red fermented bean curd (Nam Yu) in the Ham Chim Peng. But...too much red fermented bean curd in the dough will turn the texture into light maroon and after deep fried the Ham Chim Peng its crust is really dark in colour, which is a bit unslightly. 

I modified a bit on my previous recipe, and must give thanks and credit to some of the friends who tasted the first batch of Ham Chim Peng and  for their sincere feedback, I tried a few rounds on perfecting the Ham Chim Peng and ...here it is the lovely texture, colour and taste. Thank you! You know who you are!

This recipe is with 1/4 tsp of baking soda. An ingredient I hardly use in my recipe.

10 March 2015

Sweet Potato Donuts 红薯甜甜圈

Recently true realization of the meaning of "if you help someone who is in difficult situation don't expect that person to be kind to you when he/she comes out from the shit". Of course, it pay off for us to see another true character of human being. I thank God for that. 

Today I started my day well with two free cups of chocolate milk from Bread Talk. Doing my usual round of attending to the plant in my garden make me feel refresh and free from any burden. I prefer to be alone in the home doing my own stuff most of the time, it was this way for the pass many years, this really rejuvenate my mind and soul rather than having coffee morning with people, this statement I think will make me "anti-social" in the eyes of many busybody. Life is so short, please let me live the way I want. 

Donuts is popular in my home, this time I added golden sweet potato in it instead of the pumpkinThe water contents in my sweet potato is less compared to my previous pumpkin donuts, so the flour I used is about ~280g. Homemade donuts is healthier choice compared to buying  from outside because we can use fresh cooking oil and lesser sugar in the donuts. I'm going to make another batch these few days! 

Verdict: This donuts remain soft until the third day, no heating up is requires but if compared to my super soft pumpkin donuts, I prefer the soft texture from the pumpkin donuts. The dough for this donuts is not as sticky as the pumpkin donuts. Water contents in the dough is crucial, in future may just use 250g of flour instead of 280g. 

04 March 2015

Chinese Roasted Pork Belly (Siu Yuk 脆皮烧肉)

Recently many things happened and my mind was too occupied to come back to this space doing what I love to do...writing my blog. 

God has a plan in everything, His priority never change... every times when I think of this issue, I felt so touch by how faithful God answer our prayers, this time is so tangible. He came and handled the incident for me, now I'm happy that I no longer holding grudge against the people involved in the incident. 

First time making Roasted Pork Belly in such a big bulk, 3 kg! It was for the second day of Chinese New Year gathering. I was so happy that the roasted pork belly turned out with a crispy crackling skin, the meat was tender and juicy! I'm using the recipe method that use the coarse sea salt to cover the skin at the first stage of roasting.