10 April 2014

Orange Mango Ice-Pop: Little Thumbs Up

Today is a super hot day, my son has friend came over and after the play they asked for ice cream ...which I don't have in the fridge. I remember I saw Jessie of CookingMoments made her beautiful ice-pop and I have the Zoku's quick pops maker with me, so I make the Orange Mango Ice-pop with the store bought juice. Is fast and easy, one of the rules in Zoku's quick pops book is...make sure you keep the ice pop maker in the freezer all the time, so you can make ice-pop anytime. Of course, if you have extra time, you can extract fresh juice from any fruits you love.  

This ice-pop is not very sweet but a bit sour because I laid the lime slices in it, but the boys seem to love it and licked the ice-pop until the end of the bit! ^o^

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Note: After this post, I'll be away for Holiday ^_^ Happy Easter! See you soon!

Recipe by Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House
(yield one)
50ml Store bought Orange Mango juice 
two slices of lime, cut into very thin

1. Place the Zoku ice-pop maker in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Is better to place it in the freeze 24/7 so it will be ready to make tasty pops anytime!
2. Get the maker out from freeze, lay the fruit slices in the Zoku's ice pop maker using fruit wand, if you don't have it like me you can use a chopstick. Stuck the fruit slice against the tip of the chopstick and press the fruit against the wall of the maker, remember not to touch with your fingers as you might get cold burn. 
3. Place the pop stick in the maker, pour in the juice and watch it freeze! 
4. Once frozen, the ice pop is locked into the maker, use the super tool that come with the maker to remove the ice-pop. Ta-da, happy eating! 

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  1. Hi Tze, Love this easy ice pop. I know I'll enjoy it too!
    Thanks for joining this month LTU - Orange theme.
    Enjoy your holidays :)

  2. Hola Tze sus helados pop se ven hermosos los niños gozan y adultos también ,bienvenida a mi cocina,abrazos y gracias:) :)

  3. Hi Tze,
    Love the colour of your ice pop. Very summery!
    Thanks for sharing this to LTU!

  4. 这个冰点好清新,一支不够吃,我要两支,嘻嘻!


  5. 你家的冰棒又芒果又香橙的, 搞到我的嘴都酸溜溜了, 哈哈哈!

  6. looks like a very refreshing treat there you've got!

  7. Hi Tze, the orange-mango flavour sounds like a great combination to me! And adding some lime slices are even better! My kids start their school holidays now, Happy Easter holidays to you & your family!

  8. 这个冰棒看起来好棒! 看你家孩子吃得津津有味。


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