06 April 2013

Beautiful Yarra Valley Easter Trip 1

On Good Friday morning as usual we went to church, after the service we headed straight to a Life Group (LG) member home to continue our LG meeting where our LG leader conducted the course for Alpha. It was a meaningful Good Friday as the topic of the course coincided to ask us think on why Jesus die for us.
The next day my family and I visited Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery and Yarra Valley Dairy Handmade Farm House Cheeses. The chocolate factory is quite small but it was a good experience for my son to see how the chocolate was made and packed. My son was so excited when he saw the super huge chocolate eggs! and there are lot of free tasting chocolate for you to eat :) One of the chocolate packaging that attracted my attention was the one painted with Yarra Valley local scene. It was inspired by images shot by local photographer Adrienne Gilligan on Yarra Valley.  


Of course wherever we go we will talk about food...haha the food at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery really not bad. The Mille Feuille French Pastry and Fresh Fruit Flan we ordered was price at $8.50 respectively. But look at the flaky layers of pastry...really not an easy work and they come with a cup of chocolate dip!

Each pack depicts a local scene of Yarra Valley

1. chocolate truffle go through the chocolate coating belt.
2. wet chocolate going into the oven.
3. chocolate baking in process while they go through the oven.
4. packaging 

Thousands and thousands of chocolates


Give bunny a hug, please!

Announcement, egg hunt going to start!


collecting his prize, which is a real egg size chocolate

See that aunty shopping :) anyway, I didn't buy the cheese.


  1. Wow, like the mille feuille & berry tart! Yum yum! Looks like your little prince had so much of fun in Easter egg hunt!

    1. Jessie, thanks for your information on Easter which direct us to discover Yarra Valley Easter egg hunt ^^


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