17 May 2012

Soy Rye Pizza

This is the baking I did with Gabriel on 10 May 2012. A healthy mini pizza with soy and rye flours.

I want to take this opportunity to record Gabriel's milestones:

1. Learn to eat sausage.

2. Curious about the food me and WT eat. Usually he will ask for the same food.

3. Allow me to cut his hair without any fuss. I have done it twice before the day of recording. It happened one day, I told him a story about grandma cut mummy hair just like what I did on him, wrap him up with a piece of cloth and let him sit on a stool, he just let me do it. Is the story I told him that change everything.

4. Allow me to wash his hair without fear, if given a piece of handkerchief for him to cover his eyes.

5. Off from milk bottle totally since 2 May 2012. I'm so proud of him as we didn't try to weaned him off from milk bottle, he came home one day and told me that teacher said drinking from milk bottle will cause tooth decay! Initially I thought he might just said, but he did it, even at night, refused to take milk bottle anymore. However, he still continuous to drink milk from cup, which he didn't want to previously. Sometime I want to skip making him milk, he will remind me that he wants the milk from cup and... he always feel happy about what he did because he said "must tell papa I drank milk from cup", yes, my Gabriel I always trust you can do it! :)

6. He goes to adult WC to make big business all by himself! Things happened so fast, so fast until I have to admit my son is self-sufficient at dealing with his bowels and bladder. This independence means he is now ready to spend more time outside the home and enjoying new experiences ... without me by his side.


  1. I can feel your joy.
    So happy for you.

    The pizza looks really good, with soy and rye, Gabriel will grow up strong and healthy.

  2. it's very heartening to read of gabriel's progress, and the fact that you find joy in the little things :D

    wow soy and rye is a really good combi and the better thing is that gabriel is accepting of such flavours :) what proportions did you use for the soy and rye btw?

    1. aiyoh Janine, we have gone through lot of tough time whenever trying to wash his hair or cut his hair :)

      ok, the pizza dough actually comprised of 3 flours, bread flour, rye and soy flour. bread flour: 200g, rye flour: 90g and soy flour: 90g. You are right because Gabriel actually doesn't like the pizza dough :) It is a bit hard compared to the normal pizza which used 100% bread flour or plain flour. I shouldn't use high porpotion of rye flour if baking for him. That's why this post is without recipe....hahaha

  3. yeah, i heard a lot of kids cry when they have their hair cut..somehow i think they are just afraid seeing the scissors cutting the hair off! now a bad trick telling stories to them , huh?

  4. Your pizza sounds incredible, Tze! I've been wanting to try the use of soy flour as well on my baking but yet still too many things in mind needed to be settle up first before further experiment. haha....


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