06 May 2012

The Pier Geelong

This is another long overdue post... it is about 5 months overdue. I want to keep this memory before I totally forget.

We were on our way to Great Ocean Road, stop over Geelong. The good thing about rent a car and drive by yourself, you can stop whenever you feel so. This was the third time I came to Geelong (the other two times were during year 2004) and to me Geelong is a small town with not much happening but it has a stunning views.  

Baveras Restaurant is sitted on Geelong's historical Cunningham Pier, it oversees the Geelong's waterfront. It has a bar on level one and the restaurant is on the ground level.  The food at Baveras Restaurant is not just thumbs up but can consider as great delicacy. Great food, stunning view, of course it comes with a good price tag. 

First time so close up to see a helicopter. 

Famous Potato Rosemary Bread. I ate lot of it! Wish to bake this bread one day. 
Saffron Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms, a yummy dish! It was my first experience with the expensive saffron spice. How I wish I can have this kind of risotto everyday :D

Lobster Seafood Spaghetti. WT said it was yummy!

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  1. Wish I can stop more places along the Great Ocean Road, all dishes look so delicious.


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