25 January 2010

Pumpkin Seeds Cookies

Pumpkin seeds is an excellent source for magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin K, etc. (It is good for men ^_^ check it out at the below link: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=82) Gabriel is yet to eat nut, so I think adding pumpkin seeds in cookies is a healthier choice and it's able to provide the nutty flavour and chewy texture to the cookies. I bought the roasted pumpkin seeds, grind it into powder in very traditional way...hahaha...yes, using the below pounder cause lazy to bring out the grinding machines :) 

All the ingredients: 1 teaspoon of coco powder, 1 pack of biscuit mix (500g), 1 egg, 250g butter (soften), 3 tablespoon pumpkin seeds grind in powder. Just blend together the mixture using spoon. Do not overmix. Make the mixture into small round balls using hands and place them in the baking tray. Flatten slightly using fork and also to make pattern. Bake at 180c for 15-20 mins.

Gabriel likes this cookies, he said "good, good...coo...kies, coo..kies" with a tumb-up! (I think he thought he is the cookies monster because he eats like the cookies monster!) 

20 January 2010

Mini jigs

I find Orchard Toys 20 in a box mini jigs is fun and useful for child early learning. It trains the child fine motor skill when they manipulate the two piece puzzles. It has to be the exact match to fix. Meanwhile, it also trains their patient and memory skill. Of course no need to mention the hand-eye coordination...bla bla bla...

Gabriel is able pointing out if there is missing set! Once he pointed to the seal picture at the box and and asked "where?" then I realized it was missing! Gabriel can match the colour, shape and learning the animal's name while play. He also make the animal's sound/noise too ^_^ The most important is that... he is happy!

This is the front view of the box (I'm not advertising for the toy's company ^_^)

Side view of the box

19 January 2010

Happy 101 Award

Thanks 苏联妈妈 for giving me the "Happy 101 Award"! It makes my day! Love this beautiful and happy award! Is great to know friends through blogging!

There is conditions with this "Happy 101 Award":-
  • Copy the award image into a post (把獎項拷貝放在你的部落)
  • List 10 things that make you happy (列出十項令你開心的事)
  • Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day (列出十位點亮你每一天的博友)
  • Put in a link to their blog (將獎項的鏈接置放在那十位博友家的留言裡)
  • Notify the award receivers (記得到被列出的博友家留言,將喜訊報上哦~)
  • Recipients should link back to the sender's blog.(最後,得獎者別忘了連接頒獎給您的博友哦)
10 things that make me happy:
  1. Gabriel can sleep til 7.30 am instead the usual 6.30 am
  2. A hug from WT (hehehe...)
  3. Listen to Gabriel happy laughter
  4. Gabriel eat his breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. Good health for everyone in the family
  6. More time for blogging, baking
  7. WT receives favour at his workplace
  8. Learn new thing every day
  9. Stressless day for personal space
  10. Keep in touch with friends, and knowing all new friends through blog.
10 bloggers who brighten my day (actually it's more than 10...^_^)
  1. 因为有你们~~爱充满了我的心
  2. 平平凡凡,简简单单
  3. 幸福。。。就在我身边
  4. 恩轩至佳 (恩轩之家)
  5. ~温馨小厨~
  6. 靓师奶
  7. Bentolicious
  8. The Parenthood
  9. Min's Blog
  10. 媽媽的另一扇窗
Hooo...finally mission accomplish!

18 January 2010

Fun at Marina Barrage

Night scene taken from the postcard I made at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.

This weekend we brought Gabriel to Marina Barrage (MB). MB is a dam built across Marina Channel, forming Singapore's first reservoir in the city, it is located at Marina Garden Drive (if I'm not wrong). When we pass-by the huge IR construction site, I thought "Oh no, is messy and dusty... why WT wanted Gabriel to see Marina Barrage?"

However, it was another story when we reached the destination. 

The place has big open space for friends and family to meet up, you can kite flying, picnic, visiting the Sustainable Singapore Gallery and have fun interacting with multimedia displays, there is six galleries in total. Each time when we entering a new gallery we could see the "Wow!" expression on Gabriel's face. He touched most of the displays. One of the gallery is about the sustainable land development, the flooring is built of transparent glass or thick plastic (not sure), Gabriel thought that he might fall if he didn't walk carefully on the metal frame ^_^ Unfortunately my camera was run out of batteries when we were at Sustainable Singapore Gallery :(     

Kite flying and marvellous view at the roof top!
Lot of kids playing at the centre pool.

Gabriel waited patiently for rise of water jet, he wanted to touch, catch, step and go through it.  

Yippee! the water is so tall!

Strolling in the pool hand-in-hand with Papa. Gabriel told us "happy". I think he enjoyed the day very much.

Gabriel raised his eyebrow and laughed aloud when he saw Water Wally. 

So happy to see Water Wally, after hugging it he sat on its foot... really a cheeky boy!

13 January 2010

Grandma's 宝贝

Gabriel at grandma's place

Audrey, Annabelle and Gabriel

Cute cute Xue Yi


Gabriel favourites pass time activity... reading. He likes to search for the related books using the pictures at the rear of the cover page.

11 January 2010

Monolingual, Bilingual or Multilingual?

Gabriel still speak a lot in his baby language, everyday I'll hear new words from him but he doesn't express words in a full sentence. Since Gabriel was 13 months, the maid speaks only Malay, I speak Mandarin and Papa speaks to Gabriel in English. I wonder whether our decision for him to learn 3 languages is the right one.

Initially Gabriel picks up Malay faster than other languages as the maid and I communicate a lot in Malay. He demonstrated he understood Malay language after the maid was with us for two months. When Papa is around at home, we usually talk to Gabriel in English. Gabriel read books, watch and listen to DVDs in English too. He express himself or ask questions most of the time in Mandarin and English, for instance he likes to use:“这个”to ask "what is that?", "where" for "where is the toy?". He know: "pakai, cuci, pergi, etc." However, if we instruct him to do something in Malay, Mandarin or English he will act quickly, it means that he actually understand all the three languages.

Talk about reading skill I think he can only read English (yes, not read aloud but letters recognition) since we didn't expose him to Malay and Mandarin. It really need lot of effort to have a child learning multilingual. The "See & Spell" puzzle book in the photo is good for child as young as Gabriel (the puzzle book is actually for ages 3+). It is make of wood, it minimize the tear and wear. Gabriel has been playing with the letters since he is 18 months, now he is able to fill in the missing letters and pronounce the letters sound ^_^ I think the "Phonics bus" toy also help a lot too.

One afternoon I asked Gabriel:
“爱”He replied.
“有”He replied.
“好”He replied and gave me a big hug.
That was the first time he used "爱, 有 and 好" but he seems understand the words and could apply the words to the conversation.

Anyway, we will continue for Gabriel to learn the 3 languages, don't you think that is good for our kids to be able to know more than one language? 

05 January 2010

Angel Hair Spaghetti

Gabriel found rice a bit bored and refused to take his meals. I tried San Remo angel hair spaghetti and to my surprise he gave me a tumb up and "good! good!" for the food :)

Angel hair spaghetti with omelette:
1. Boil the spaghetti in a small pot, add one tea spoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt into pot, boil until the spaghetti is soft.
1. Beat one egg in a small bowl, add a small slice of chopped tomato and 1/2 cup of milk.
2. Steam broccoli and pumpkin (butternut squash) until soft. Chop a small slice of onion until fine.
3. Use a frying pan, add one table spoon of olive oil, fry the onion until soft, add in the egg, tomato, broccoli and pumpkin. Fry until the egg is cooked.
4. Drain the spaghetti and place on plate, top with omelette and sprinkle with chedder cheese. Serve the food warm.

Note: Angel hair is easy to eat, they are fine and soft after cooking, is suitable for toddler.

Happy trying!


04 January 2010

Kite Flying

A Sunday morning we woke up earlier and decided to bring Gabriel for kite flying before the church service. It was a windy day, the kite flew very high, papa run here and there, and Gabriel was very happy! 

01 January 2010

New Year Resolution

Wishing you a Happy Year 2010!
My new year resolution are:
Potty train before I go for the toddler playgroup (2 1/2 year). Mama will try her best in helping me reach this target. You see, she is sitting on another potty opposite me :) 

Sleep well at night in the new toddler bed together with my teddy and friends. You see I've achieved this, but Papa and Mama afraid of darkness they always push my bed to their room during night time :p I think they need some time to be ready to face that I'm a big boy.

Eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, I'm very choosy about food, this is a big headache for Mama. Mama hopes to move me back to highchair days, sorry Mama I like to sit on the "normal" chair like Papa and you.  

Broccoli, broccoli, I'm going to eat you, please be more cooperative when I eat! Don't run around and don't run away!

Now you see it, now you don't!